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  • Amazon Customer - I finally found the national park book I have been searching for

    Love this book! Very well organized. Have not seen another come close to the quality of photos provided or the info written for each of the 59 parks. It's going to help me decide which parks I really want to see in retirement, as well as to educate me about parks I never knew existed. It could be outdated soon though as it does provide names of places to stay and eat which certainly change. But for now it's certainly exactly what I have been searching for.

  • Claudiabette - They work!

    These work. Nothing like a good cleanse after a binge. But as others have "bathroom" ready....just sayin'. I do get some stomach discomfort during the first 2 days but I REALLY think that is just me. I've always had stomach issues but I will put up with the first fews days of bathrooms runs and tummy aches to get rid of whats bloating me and get a good cleansing.

  • Lexi - Transformed the hair on my head!

    I have thin, sparse hair that I dye every 3-6 months (a process that not only adds a touch of color but also stiffens up my hair enough so it is easier to style and looks like it has more volume). That in combination with daily blow drying as well as the occasional heat styling ended up really frying my hair. I've tried countless leave in conditionals but all of them either 1) didn't hydrate my dry hair enough, or 2) left a greasy film on hair, causing it to flatten on my head without actually penetrating into the shaft. Ladies you know what I am talking about.