Indiana 211 Partnership, Inc. - Indiana 211 Partnership (IN211) provides comprehensive information & referrals services to Hoosiers in all 92 counties .

  • ABOUT | Indiana 211 Partnership, Inc. - 2-1-1 is free, confidential and available 24/7. Indiana 211 Partnership’s mission is to connect Hoosiers with needs to human services through 2-1-1. Indiana
  • CRISIS + EMERGENCY | Indiana 211 Partnership, Inc. - Are you in an emotionally abusive or physically dangerous relationship? Are you struggling with bullying, sexual assault, alcohol abuse or suicidal thoughts? 2
  • DISASTER ASSISTANCE | Indiana 211 Partnership, Inc. - Indiana 2-1-1 partners with many essential emergency management programs to provide answers, services and relief in times of natural or man-made disasters. We
  • FOOD | Indiana 211 Partnership, Inc. - More than 1 million Hoosiers live in households that don't have enough food to feed their families every day, yet our country produces enough food to feed
  • HEALTH | Indiana 211 Partnership, Inc. - Everyone deserves a lifetime of good health. 2-1-1 has information about healthcare services for infants and new parents, and child care services for working
  • HEALTHCARE PROJECT | Indiana 211 Partnership, Inc. - 2-1-1 helps Hoosier families understand new healthcare options. Call 2-1-1 for information or to be referred to a certified Indiana Navigator.
  • Healthcare Promotional Materials | Indiana 211 Partnership, Inc. - Download materials to handout in your office Instructions: print in color and cut in half. All files are in PDF format.
  • HOUSING + UTILITIES | Indiana 211 Partnership, Inc. - If you’re looking for access to safe, habitable, and clean housing, 2-1-1 can help. Whether you’re in need of new housing, utility assistance, or financial
  • JOBS + SUPPORT | Indiana 211 Partnership, Inc. - Whether you're looking to reenter the workforce, upgrade your job, or find a new career, 2-1-1 can help connect job seekers with the employers who need them
  • REENTRY | Indiana 211 Partnership, Inc. - 2-1-1 is committed to supporting all members of the community, including people coming out of correctional, alcohol and drug treatment, and mental health
  • VETERANS | Indiana 211 Partnership, Inc. - 2-1-1 is dedicated to supporting those who serve our country, including active members of the U.S. military, members of the National Guard and Reserve, veterans
  • BOARD | Indiana 211 Partnership, Inc. - Indiana 211 Partnership, Inc. is governed by a volunteer board of directors, elected by the members at the annual meeting. The Board meets every other month.
  • FREQUENT QUESTIONS | Indiana 211 Partnership, Inc. - Indiana 211 Partnership (IN211) is working to ensure that calls to 2-1-1 will be free. This will be the case for most landline phones where 2-1-1 service is
  • HISTORY | Indiana 211 Partnership, Inc. - Indiana 211 Partnership grew out of the work of Connect2Help (formerly Information and Referral Network, or IRN), Indiana Association of United Ways (IaUW) and
  • SPECIAL PROJECTS | Indiana 211 Partnership, Inc. - In addition to basic information and referral services, Indiana 211 provides enhanced services through special projects. Current projects: SNAP Outreach
  • BECOME A 2-1-1 SPONSOR | Indiana 211 Partnership, Inc. - IN211 relies greatly upon the contributions from our generous supporters and partners to achieve our mission of providing information and referral resources to
  • IN211 REPORTS | Indiana 211 Partnership, Inc. - Indiana 211 provides valuable information to community leaders. View or download any of the following reports for the latest 2-1-1 figures.
  • SUSTAINING SUPPORTERS | Indiana 211 Partnership, Inc. - IN211 thanks the following organizations and individuals for their generous support in 2014.
  • NEED HELP? CALL 2-1-1 OR SEARCH OUR DATABASE | Indiana 211 Partnership, Inc. - 2-1-1 is a simple way to connect to food, shelter and housing assistance, employment services, counseling resources and much much more.
  • SNAP OUTREACH | Indiana 211 Partnership, Inc. - The State of Indiana, Indiana 211 Partnership and food bank partners work together to provide SNAP awareness to Hoosiers who might be eligible.

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