Coorg - Kodagu Karnataka India - Coorg is the popular hill station of Karnataka. With Misty hills, waterfalls, forests, mountain ranges, coffee estate Coorg is the best Tourist destination.

Country:, North America, US

City: -95.4739 Texas, United States

  • Eddie's mom - Good info

    This confirms all my fears about Hillary Clinton and how damaging it would be for her to be elected president. The one thing I was very disappointed in was to learn of how James Comey, director of the FBI, sold out by not prosecuting Hillary for the State Dept. email scandal. I know they are not finished with the Clinton foundation investigation, but that will only be held up until after the 2016 election which will be too late because very likely the media manipulation will lead to her being elected president. I hope and pray that Trump wins. If he doesn't, we are in for it. I'll be moving to Ireland with you, Donald.

  • Elva Pratiwi Sungkarto - Kinda sad it only knows pound

    Code arrived a day later, worked well, and I got my lvl 100 Mew! Kinda sad it only knows pound, but Mew can learn everything. Loved how codes are sold here for people who missed the event period.

  • Janette Ortega - ... about a month ago and I've never been so happy about perfect lighting

    I ordered this case about a month ago and I've never been so happy about perfect lighting. I can take the perfect selfie at night without having to put a huge light in front of my face. I would definitely recommend this product for some who wants to take the perfect picture on a night out. I specificallt use this case to take pictures of my makeup because I'm a makeup artist. I'd recommend to anyone!

  • Nance - A good program

    This is not easy but it's rewarding. It's easy to follow and you feel the benefits imediately. I use this once a year to cleanse my system and to begin the new year strong. It taught me how to then use the powders in smoothies to maintain. With the left over I will occassionally do one week or just a few days of the cleanse to give my body that healthy jump start.