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  • About Infini | Liposuction Clinic Phoenix - Infini Cosmetic Associates focuses on tumescent liposuction in Phoenix and Scottsdale, Arizona. Call today to schedule personal consultation with Dr. Hall.
  • William Hall, M.D | Liposuction Surgeon Scottsdale - Dr. Hall - Top Liposuction Surgeon in Scottsdale, focuses on body sculpting using the safest, least invasive and most advanced procedures available.
  • Dr. Hall and Staff | Infini Cosmetic Associates - Our entire staff of registered nurses and aestheticians provide guidance, treatments, and procedures that help patients get the best body sculpting.
  • AAAHC Accredited Facility | Infini Cosmetic Associates - Infini Cosmetic Associates is accredited by the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care (AAAHC). We believe that every patient deserve the highest quality health care possible.
  • Financing Your Cosmetic Surgery at Infini - For patients who wish to finance their surgery can make cosmetic surgeries and treatments affordable at Infini Cosmetic Associates
  • Find us in Scottsdale | Directions to Infini Cosmetic Associates - Visit the state-of-the-art Infini Cosmetic clinic located near the Scottsdale Healthcare medical campus, in scenic downtown Scottsdale. Find here Directions to Infini Cosmetic Associates.
  • Our Philosophy | Infini Cosmetic Associates - Our Philosophy is Beautiful Skin, Sculpted Body and Expert Care. We believe that every person deserves to look their best. Contact us today for more details
  • Liposuction Surgery | Liposuction Scottsdale, Phoenix and Arizona - Medical Director of Infini Cosmetic Associates specializes in re-sculpting bodies through Liposuction modern techniques. Make your appointment today!
  • SmartLipo™ Specialist - Expert | Infini Cosmetic Associates - We provide advanced surgical technologies treatment through SmartLipo™ for body contouring, fat removal, and skin tightening for men and women. Book your appointment today!
  • Brazilian Butt Lift | Butt Lift Surgery Scottsdale, Phoenix - Infini Cosmetic has the most professional team of Brazilian Butt surgeons. contact Infini to learn more about Brazilian Butt Lifts.
  • Abdominal Liposuction Treatment | Abdomen Surgery Scottsdale - Abdominal liposuction is such a popular procedure. We have found that with the Smart Lipo® technique, skin tightening is so good that there are very few patients who actually need a highly invasive tummy tuck with terrible incisions and significant recovery times.
  • Arms Liposuction Scottsdale | Arms Liposuction Surgery - Do you avoid wearing sleeveless shirts, embarrassed by flabby upper arms? We provide effective Arm Liposuction treatment for your upper arms. Contact us today for more details.
  • Back and Bra Area Liposuction Scottsdale | Infini Cosmetic - Get Eliminate Upper Back and Bra Area Bulges, Permanently with our Smart Lipo® Book Free consultation with the doctor at 480.946.7100.
  • Flank / Love Handles Liposuction | Infini Cosmetic Associates - Achieve Your Desired Physical Image and Permanently Remove Love Handles with our specialized flank/love handles liposuction treatment. Make an appointment today!
  • Hip or Buttocks Liposuction Surgery | Infini Cosmetics - Extra Junk in Your Trunk Weighing You Down? Our Smart Lipo® treatment for the hips and buttocks is much safer than traditional liposuction. Contact our friendly staff to set up a free consultation with the doctor at 480.946.7100.
  • Neckchin Liposuction Scottsdale | Infini Cosmetics - Do you have excess fatty tissue in the neck? Our medical director is highly trained in facial plastic surgery having performed literally thousands of procedures on the face and neck. Contact us today!
  • Thigh Liposuction Scottsdale | Thigh Liposuction Treatment - We treat Thigh Liposuction through or Smart Lipo® which is the safest, fastest way to beautiful legs and to a newly enhanced you! Contact us today to learn more about Thigh liposuction
  • Male Breasts Liposuction | Gynecomastia Scottsdale - One of the most embarrassing body issues for which men seek our help is the dreaded man breast. Noticeable results, Sculpted figure. Contact us today!
  • BOTOX® Cosmetic for Wrinkles | Botox Surgery Scottsdale - Explore the new you with our amazing Botox cosmetic treatments in Scottsdale. For evaluation and quote from Dr. Hall at 480-946-7100.
  • Wrinkles, Lines and Folds Treatment | Best Anti Ageing Clinic Scottsdale - Infini Cosmetic Associates provide top class anti ageing treatment for your wrinkles, lines and folds. We have qualified doctors to deal with your each treatment. Book an appointment today!
  • Voluma for Facial Volume | Infini Cosmetic Associates - Voluma provides instant results that look natural, providing a smoother, more youthful contour that’s been clinically proven to last up to 2 years. Contact us today for Voluma facial volume.
  • Complimentary Skin Analysis | Infini Cosmetic Associates - Meet with our experienced aesthetician for a comprehensive skincare analysis. Procedure and skin care recommendations that best suit your skin need will be discussed.
  • Micro Needling with PRP | Skin Treatment Scottsdale - We provide excellent skin treatment in Scottsdale. Our MicroPen™ glide across your skin creating superficial micro-injuries designed to ultimately improve your skin condition upon re-epithelialisation.
  • Scottsdale Liposuction - DR HALL - Scottsdale - Microdermabrasion is a safe and effective choice for the treatment of fine lines and wrinkles, uneven skin tone, and dull, lack luster skin. Call Infini for specialized Microdermabrasion treatment
  • Dermaplaning | Skin Care & Laser Clinic | Infini Cosmetic Associates - Dermaplaning is a technique where the outer layers of the skin are exfoliated with the use of the blade. Our treatment results in a more refined, smooth, “glowing” appearance of the skin immediately after procedure.
  • Mild Chemical Peels & Facials | Infini Cosmetic Associates - Chemical Peels and facials: Infini facials and mild chemical peels will give you the fresh, clean look you are searching for. One of Infini’s licensed skin care experts provides these relaxing services.
  • Waxing / Lash & Brow Tinting | hair Removal clinic Scottsdale - Waxing is our alternative hair removal procedure for those who are not candidates for our laser hair removal procedures. Make an appointment today!
  • Profractional Laser Treatment Scottsdale| Infini Cosmetic Associates - We provide top class Profractional Laser Treatment in Scottsdale. Our ProFractional works very well as a stand-alone procedure or in combination with other treatments.
  • Fraxel™ DUAL Laser Treatment | Infini Cosmetic Associates - Fraxel™ DUAL is now available at Infini Cosmetic Associates in Scottsdale, Arizona. Call Infini Cosmetic in Scottsdale Arizona today to schedule your complimentary consultation!
  • Laser Hair Removal | Laser Hair Remove Clinic Scottsdale - Infini Cosmetics have lasers that are safe and effective on almost any skin type or area, although caution must always be exercised when performing laser hair removal. Make an appointment today!

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