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  • Insulin Pump Forum - Therapy and diabetes management for adults and children - Support group with information about diabetes, insulin pumps,CGM, continuous glucose monitors, as well as advances in diabetes management andtreatment for both adults and children. Lots of links, books, FAQs info on carbo-counting, mail lists, recipes, and more...

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  • A_Plain_Janeite - It Truly Is An "Amazing" Oil!!

    If you don't know the benefits (and let me tell you, they are MANY) for this wonderful seed/oil, please look it up!

  • O. Cantieni - Great army knife, but QC is modest at best

    I was using my trustful "McGyver 1.0" when it - in use since 1985 - finally broke. I decided to switch to the Wenger Giant. Overall a e perfect tool, but I have to limit to 4 stars rating due to bad quality control at Wenger. Recently, when switching from appliance #344 (Flood-Lightning) to #657 (Wrecking Ball), I noticed a faint voice saying "Gruezi, M.Sc. Meyer here...". I think that at the factory a mechanical development engineer got stuck into the knife and had been overseen by exit control. This is somewhat annoying, especially when I want to use #256 (Ski Flying Hill) it disturbs my sportive activity. On the pro side, using #451 (RMA tracker) I got an approval for exchange by the seller.

  • Shayna Renee's Spicy Reads - A beautiful and SEXY romantic comedy, brimming with heat, hope, and tons of heart!

    R.S. Grey is an author that I absolutely ADORE! I have so much faith in her work, that I don’t need any information about her books before I purchase them. She never EVER disappoints and always gives her readers exactly what they never knew they wanted. A PLACE IN THE SUN is just another example of that fact. This beautiful and sexy romantic comedy is brimming with heat, hope, and tons of heart! Grey delivers a romance so vivid and so passionate, you have no choice but to immerse your whole self into the story. A woman looking for love. A man so desperate to never love again. When their worlds collide, there is nothing to stop their walls from crumbling down. Get your passports ready ladies, R.S. Grey takes us on a beautiful journey to Vernazza, Italy where you will fall in love with the sights and the company.