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  • David Osahon - One of the Best, if not...

    Anti virus software are a dime a dozen but Kaspersky stands out above the rest really. Used it over the years and made the mistake of trying another vendor just to see what else was out there. Big mistake. Assessing the worth of AV software is its efficacy in not only dealing with viruses and malware but in preventing them in real time as well. I will note that the only other AV software that comes close is Malwarebytes but i'm sticking with Kaspersky.

  • Kyle Anders - Weekend Warrior

    Well, I do work out during the week. Went all in with the big size. Played soccer today for example and will have 2 before bed and 2 in the morning. Tuesday the same, and back to two daily on Wednesday when I play soccer again. I am 50 y.o. and prior to using serrapeptase the pain after 2 hours of soccer was unabearable for at least 3 days. My ankles were on fire, my knees would not bend without any pain. Now I feel like a twenty-something, and yes, this helps with my asthma as well. Serrapeptase is used by the German olympic team for the same purposes, to accelerate your tissue repair. A Panacea indeed.

  • pippy longstocking - The best livable, long term un-diet ever

    Well, I was up to 250 lbs and a size 22. Like most overweight people I had tried all the popular diets and exercise; weightwatcher, atkins...why bother listing them all. Anyhow even did a hour of high impact aerobics five days a week and didn't lose over five pounds in three months.

  • Sunnyblu - I really like this app and it works well with the Kindle ...

    I really like this app and it works well with the Kindle Fire. It's very easy to navigate and find articles and recipes. I have no problem swiping, scrolling, viewing pages. I'm able to view everything easily and I'm very happy with the app. I do have a subscription to the print magazine, but this make a nice addition to the magazine.

  • magpie - worth trying

    Purchased the oral rinse and the small size of the tooth paste and accelerator. Surprised at how small the tubes of dentifrice are for the $18 price. Just began using, Not a whole lot of whitening noticed, but will finish the product at hand and re-evaluate if I will re-purchase more.

  • LILEO - Odd texture; bland, chalky flavor

    I'm sure this protein powder is very good for me, but it does not taste nearly as good as the whey protein product I usually use. I am on a dairy-free diet for several month and had to switch out my usual protein (with milk products) for this plant-based variety. The protein is gritty and chalky, even when mixed, in a blender, with almond milk and fruit. The powder has the consistency of very fine sand and becomes a sticky glue when wet (I have to scrape it off the sides of the blender before drinking). I am disappointed that the consistency and flavor are not up to par with a whey protein formula, but I will tough it out for the remainder of my diet.