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  • R. Ellis - Garbage, don't bother.

    This irritates your scalp and drys your hair out.. So even though it's probably increasing growth, your hair looks thinner. It took three haircuts to undo the damage this crap did to my hair! It was so dry and fine that I looked worse than I did before I started all of this. I recommend just going for the actual product in the aerosol container (almost like moose from the 90s). If you use them properly, the 3 containers (3month supply) lasts somewhere between 6 months and a year.

  • Sean - NFL stickers

    These were exactly what I was looking for. My husband collects them. He is a big huge fan of football and I know he would love this, and I am glad that he did. He was so excited when he saw it, his eyes were sparkling lol no kidding. I think he received a rookie card. He is happy and so am I. The shipping was fast and also the transaction. This will make a great gift for everyone who loves football. I think I am start to love collecting them. Album is not included when purchasing this, only the stickers. Your money will be worth it. I received this for free in exchange of my unbiased review.

  • D.W. - Wait until the bugs are fixed.

    I bought this brewer knowing about the DRM on it. A small square of paper colored with a neon Sharpie taped under the sensor will allow any cup and also open up the entire menu for those that want to brew a 12 or 16 oz cup. My issue lies with the build of the 2.0. My initial brewer would not brew a carafe. While waiting for the new reservoir to "fix" this, the brewer when turned on started pumping cold water everywhere. Keurig sent a new brewer. Again, it would not brew a carafe. It also would not brew 2 cups in a row. Got the oops on the 2nd cup despite the appropriate kcup. Kuerig sent a 2nd replacement. That one was dead on arrival. Got a 3rd replacement. This one does not brew a carafe either. Keurig sent ANOTHER new reservoir. Of course, this did not fix the problem. I'm not an engineer, but I'm pretty sure this is a sensor issue, not a reservoir issue. Now today, the usually clicky pump is giving out...long periods of silence during brewing and only 1/2 cups. Only spits out an ounce of water on the hot water setting as well. All of this in the span of 2 months. I cannot recommend this brewer until the bugs are worked out. I've gone to eBay and purchased several 1.0 models. ( Gave my workhorse B66 away when I bought the 2.0 ) I saw that Keurig is giving out free 2.0's on their Facebook page. Expect an onslaught of glowing reviews soon!

  • uber1337h4xx0r - Great Keyboard, feel nice once you get used to mechanical, no real complaints

    Cant' think of any complaints for this thing. It feels pretty comfortable. It did take about 2 weeks to get used to a mechanical keyboard considering I've used a standard keyboard for almost 20 years, but now that I'm using this, it feels just fine.

  • Fabrice Reynaud - Good Product.

    Very good product, does what it said it will do. Works on me pretty well, no complains about it, no side effects

  • Amazon Customer - Pacesetter

    I have a Kindle Fire. I purchased the Solidworks 2011 Bible Kindle Edition. The cover shows the DVD included. There is no DVD included with this order! I like reading the Kindle because of the large fonts. Beware when buying kindle books that includes DVD!! I email the publisher Wiley tech support, they provided a link to download the DVD.