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  • 123mandy321 - Love it!

    The smell and taste to me is not very pleasant at all. My boyfriend thinks it makes our baby smell like an old man. But it does do the trick!! I put about 8 drops on his paci when he has a bad tummy ache and within 5 minutes he is very calm. I have tried gas drops and gripe water, then read about this stuff and how natural it was so I gave it a go and it has worked wonders. We used to have to do gas drops after every bottle. I started putting the gas drops in with his formula and did not like that. I also found out that they can get dependent on the gas drops and I really really didn't like that. The Catnip and Fennel has really helped immensely. I thought I'd have to use them every day a few times a day, but ever since I started using them I have barley had to give him this. Maybe once a week to once every two weeks. It seems to have really helped with his gas pains and colic. I tell everyone with fussy babies about this stuff.

  • Lisa Wyckoff Sciara - Keurig could have done better. Very disappointed.

    I bought this because I like Keurig coffee makers and wanted the latest model. I currently own 3 machines and this would be my 5th over the last 5 plus years.

  • kandoro - Much preferred over the 1500/1510...

    I prefer the Model 2012 over the 1500 and 1510 for my application. Which is maintaining and DE-sulphating (4) 6v 230Ah golf cart batteries. I connected them in series/parallel for 12v and 460 Ah. The 1500 and 1510 just seemed a little under powered as sometimes they would time out in the charging phase with a red flashing light. They would be OK for a few days and then fault again. I really wasn't asking them to do much charging as I had already charged them with a 25A automatic charger and topped them off with a Schumacher 1.5A maintainer charger. So for all intents and purposes they were already fully charged when the 1500 and 1510 were connected, but as I already mentioned they would sometimes time out and enter the red flashing light stage. They are supposedly rated for 4 batteries but I think 2 is more realistic.

  • David - Great tool for learing

    Its a pretty cool game. I got it for PS3 and the intergrated cable worked perfectly with my guitar and PS3. Sometime I find the tuning before evry song to be a pain in the ars but only because I know how to play guitar. I bought this to see if it would be a benifit to my son who I think would like to learn the basics from a video game rather than a Live person. Anyway, its a little addicting and I NEVER play video games. I am 40 Years old and spend my time on learning rather than games or television. This game had my attention for several hours. I think its is probably a great tool for learning coupled with human teaching. Thanks for reading, love Slash.

  • Amazon Customer - This is a great product but when received was in a big box ...

    This is a great product but when received was in a big box in another box and then the actual box which was open and the charger was missing....So disappointing!!!! I've requested a charger be nda to me so I don't have to lug this big old box back to the ups store!!!!!My dogs love it!