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  • TheBexi - Works great

    Definitely does what it's supposed to. Don't waste it on every meal, I only use it on things that are more fat or carbs than I should have eaten.

  • Anonymously - Great product, great customer service.

    Great flashlight. Works flawlessly. If you use the battery it comes with without charging it it will not go all the way up to the 5th setting. To use the 5th setting you need a fully charged battery. Eventually if you leave the flashlight on with a fully charged battery, as the battery juice is used the flashlight will step down and you will have 4 settings, and if you leave it on eventually it will step down again and you will have 3 settings. This is a great feature because it prevents you from completely using up all your light and the go to sudden darkness. It gives you a visual warning and allows you the most possible time before the battery is completely out of juice.

  • Daniel C. - Love the look, but a bit tight on the fit.

    Its a bit tight when fitting the grill. Also, if you have a winch and upgraded stell bumper, you have to take those out to fit the grill.. just an FYI. My friend bought the grill too and he said there was extra plastic molding and he had to file them off. 6/10 quality.

  • Gaming.Fit - Still the best "pure fitness" game you can get for the Xbox Kinect

    The original Your Shape: Fitness Evolved provided an excellent showcase of what the Kinect was capable of in regards to fitness and exercise. Its motion detection was revolutionary in terms of how well it detected how well you were performing exercises, and the mini-games it included were both tons of fun and moderately good exercise.