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  • Phantom-Rose - Positively Radiant

    I really wanted to love this. Compared to others, this one had a reasonable price, nice texture and good ratings. But after using it for a few weeks, dark spots actually appeared! I stopped using it and the spots eventually faded, so I guess it's safe to say there's a correlation. Never heard of moisturizer actually CAUSING dark spots!

  • jennypoo - It Works does Not Work!

    Another product that is useless. I have used these several times because they were given to me by a girl who got out of the business of selling them. Like ANYTHING that you spend money on, relax with for a little while, your skin is going to feel and look rested the same as when you get a facial. It brightens your skin for a while and you think you see a difference, until the next morning...money down the drain. These things are totally too expensive..in the long run, more than a professional office can give you.

  • neka k. - Great product

    I love this product. The only reason I need to reapply it is if I go to zumba or swimming. Otherwise I'm good for the day. I noticed that not many others have found this product to be successful but it was someone at Nordstrom that first suggested it, and the correct color, and now I get compliments all the time on looking healthier and happier. I think I was wearing the wrong shade of makeup.

  • RSL1 - Kreg kit

    I have noticed wooden tables that were constructed in this fashion. Some of these tables were made in the 1950's or even before that. My point is that this is not a new idea, it is just a small portable tool so that the average person like me can do it at home. With good square cuts and glue, this tool allows you to run screws in at an angle. These screws stay tight and add the durability needed to stand up to some rough use. This tool eliminates the need to clamp, so it's a real time saver. I have used this tool several times. Hope this information helps.

  • Donna Holstine Vander Valk - Don't be a statistic

    I'm writing from San Francisco, where the Orogold store is "conveniently" located in front of the cable car stop. They employ good looking young people with foreign accents to hand out samples. I, unthinkingly, took one. Then the con was on. He literally harassed me at the stop, guessing my age (he was right - you should have seen the horror on his face - after all, I was supposed to be 5 years older, right?). He then tried to get me in the store. No way. I ended up hailing a cab just to get away. Btw, do check out the review history of the five star reviews: they're reviewing many of the same products, and in one case, ALL of them reviewed the same (other) product in addition to Orogold.

  • Jordan Winar - Top 5 Business Books I have ever read

    This book is in a class of its own. The style of writing is similar to a novel but the content will reshape the way you think about business. I will recommend this book to anyone not just business because it helps you find the true goal behind what you are doing and then work through the process to achieve it. It is practical for business and personal use!