Epilepsy Treatment for Partial-Onset Seizures – Keppra XR® (levetiracetam) - Discover the benefits of Keppra XR®, a once-a-day extended-release epilepsy medication that is used with other medicines to treat partial-onset seizures in patients 16 and older. Please see the medication guide at KeppraXR.com.

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  • jimbo - Works for Some, I Guess

    I used this for about a year and a half, convinced that my hair was growing back little by little. I finally realized, it wasn't. However, I knew it was a long shot in the first place as my thinning hair is due to age and not male pattern baldness. If you are going to try Rogaine, know that the usage information is not b.s. For men, it is only good for the crown of the head and only effective for younger and middle-aged men with male pattern baldness. Even then, it only helps a minority of those who try it, so don't get too excited. Also, if you are going to try it, make sure you take some photos of your hair before you start, so you can make an objective decision about continuing its use after the first few months. That might save you some money.

  • RAMK - Good Stuff

    There's nothing worse than that alcohol-based cloying smelly unfriendly type of aftershave. That type of product is just so unappealing in every way.

  • Ramen Girl - Free my butt!

    Free version sucks! Keep getting offers while in the middle of other processes! Wouldn't leave me alone, so I uninstalled. AFTER uninstalling, my computer wouldn't work right. Sluggish, keypad, keyboard, internet all buggy! Thanks a lot Avast! Amazon.com should not be allowing this to go on. UNINSTALLED. Free my butt! Free problems maybe...

  • Service member - Thumbs up

    I purchased 2 of these scooter, OK, 1 has arrived and I put it together with a little difficultly. The instructions are not that great. But if you know what your doing it's pretty simple. I was happy it was double boxed because a few screws had fallen to the bottom of the box. When tune the engine it's not so easy. You really need to know how to adjust the idle (fuel supply) to get the correct or best fuel to engine ratio. OK, after assembly, adjusting the brakes and tuning. You need to follow the directions mixing the fuel and 2cycle engine oil. FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS). OK, now your ready to ride. It runs Great! since it only 20kg I took this with me to Morocco and used it to get around the local area. A great hit with the local folks. Of course I enjoyed not walking or paying for cabs. When buying this items follow the instructions and have someone who has knowledge of small engines help you get it running for you.