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  • Dineroo - YEA!!!!!

    I've suffered my whole life with soft, weak fingernails. I have been taking two of these pills a day and it took about a two weeks and I noticed an extreme difference. Thank you to this company for coming up with this formula!

  • Pamela G. Downing - Use with Anti-fungal tea tree oil soap

    Used in conjunction with the anti-fungal soap with tea tree oil is very effective. I was finally able to clear up my ringworm caught from one of my students. Use the soap three times a day on the infection. Dry it and apply this oil on the infected area. It takes several weeks to even a few months, gradually bring down the usage of the oil to once a day then just use the soap for a while once the infection disappears. Prescription pills did not work for me but using this oil with the soap did! There are different fungus types so this may not work for everyone but for me I give it 5 stars!

  • Brad - Very Good Product

    I ordered my Nutri Bullet on Sunday and it arrived the following Saturday. That is a pretty good turn around for ordering something off TV. It was ready to go out of the box. It is simple to use and a breeze to clean. Just rinse and dry cups and blades. It gets the foods as close to liquid as you are going to for $120. Depending on what foods you are using it may be slightly pulpy or grainy but it is still very easy to drink. I strongly agree with the other reviews stating not to overfill the cups before pulverizing. I over filled my first couple and they where quite pulpy and chunky. I reduced the amount of food I put in not to exceed the "Max" line and it pulverizes everything very easily into a very smooth liquid drink. I highly recommend the product and if you get one try putting a carrot, pitted plum, half an orange, handful of green grapes, and a handful of almonds into it. Delicious.

  • Richard Sims - Overall good product.

    I've waited a while to write this review because I wanted to make sure I had adequate time with the product.

  • Krinda R - Better sleep and more energy!

    My husband likes to take testosterone every once in awhile (usually every 6months or so) because he gets low-t after awhile. We both lift weights, and as a male, when you do a lot of lifting, your testosterone can get low. I can always tell when he needs to cycle on these because he gets "grumpy" (easily irritable and snappy) and he also will wake up every morning exhausted and not well rested.

  • Jacki Peacock - High Quality Solar Garden Lights!

    My Premium Stainless Steel Solar Garden Lights was easy to install! They run completely on solar power. Turns on at dark, off at dawn! It is solar powered so there are no replacement batteries required! I save money on electricity because they use the sun for power! There are no batteries to replace because they recharge themselves! It is a premium stainless steel design! Super-Bright 15 Lumen clear light shines forth from each LED light. You can position them on your path for the ultimate in beauty and safety! They are all weather resistant! No need to worry about rain, snow, frost, or sleet. The rugged ABS plastic construction gives the longest-lasting life of any LED lights on the market! They are made tough and sealed tight! I have them out along the sidewalk that leads to our front porch for Halloween! I will move them to the back where my daughter and I will have our garden next spring! Hopefully it will keep the birds and squirrels out of our garden! I love these lights! I believe they would make a great Christmas gift! I have told my family and friends about my premium stainless steel solar garden lights so they can decide for themselves if they want them!

  • James Glenn - Favorite cube

    Fun cube and easy for speed cubing, but it does take some time to get used to the pillow feel if you aren't already