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  • Nail and Toe Laser Fungus Protocol | How lasers work, treatment costs and fungus cure rate. - Laser foot doctors in Tampa Bay, FL use Nail'n'Toe to remove fungus from nail bed | How laser for toenail fungus works | Cost of laser for toenails

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  • Lori - Did Not Come in Original Packaging

    I'm not sure about what's going on with this order of Hope in a Jar. I've ordered it multiple times and now I need to start watching what SELLER I'm purchasing from. I bought two jars of this. The first thing I noticed was it didn't come in the original box packagine. Instead, there was a label marked, "New." I thought it was weird, but went ahead and opened it. If you use Hope in a Jar regularly, you know the color of the creme is white. This is not. It's a strange beige color and has a greasy liquid forming on the top. Argh. That's what I get for a $25.00 purchase! Thinking I was getting a great deal turned out to be a big waste of money. Watch who you're buying from!! Other than this though, I highly recommend Hope in a Jar. Great product overgall.

  • Skylight - It takes a little time

    I love this product! You just need to have a little bit of patience with it though, because the whiteness takes about 2-3 uses to actually start showing. It might sting your teeth a little bit at first also but you'll get used to it and will be de-sensitized...

  • N. Lowry - Finally something that works.

    I've been using this on a stubborn toe nail for a couple of weeks now and can see a great improvement. I will definitly keep using it. I had tried an off brand with no noticeable improvement. It is thick enough it doesn't run when you put it on and dries quickly. Good stuff!

  • Mundi - Needed

    This is a piece of plastic but, once on it seems to be more than an almost flat piece of plastic that covers up an ugly looking hole on your bumper. Thank you

  • Wasisnt - Good fit and protects your head

    This helmet is pretty light and comfortable. It doesn't feel like its crushing your face like others do. And it does the trick as the back of my head can attest to!

  • salmonqueen - Better than crutches, not perfect

    Let's start by debunking a bit of marketing overstatement - you are not getting your life back. You are getting some of your life back, not as much as you would like, but some of it. HOWEVER...if you have foot, ankle or Achilles surgery, this will be your best option in most situations.