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  • Jason Serigano - Save you money...DO NOT BUY THIS

    Save your money. This does not work. When mixed according to instructions green water comes out and does not do much other than stain your hands. No grass grew in the area I treated. Went to my local garden center when I was advised to throw down seed and put a light covering of peat moss over it. This worked like a charm and you can purchase a much larger amount of regular seed and peat moss for the same price as this awful product. Someone should start a class action lawsuit. I think we all deserve our money back.

  • Colts Fan - Better than Buying a New Waterproof Camera

    My Kodak Playsport waterproof camera started giving me problems so I was planning to buy a new underwater camera in the $250 to $300 range when I saw these cases on amazon. $15 for two cases sure beats $250 to $300. Since there were so many similar looking cases on amazon, I purchased both this Yosh case and a Joto case which cost me a buck more. Other than the different style of clasps on the two cases, everything else was identical. I find that the clasps on this Yosh case are easier to remove when you need to get your phone out but is still secure enough that you won't ever need to worry about accidentally unlocking them.

  • harald o. - Zero support !

    Camera does not work as advertised with two users (two separate accounts). Many tries to contact the support remained unanswered. You have zero support as it seems. Very disappointing. Could be a nice product otherwise.

  • Julie R - it's a good product and I recommend it

    I had some dark areas on the underside of my upper arms from some kind of skin irritation from my deodorant. For years I have had "white armpit envy" of celebrities so I decided to try this. I have now used this product for about a week and I have noticed some whitening in the dark areas. It has a very light, pleasant scent. I have tried using this as a deodorant as others who reviewed did and for me, it's only OK overnight or with very little physical activity did it work, but it is summer in southern California. I do think it enhanced my deodorant.