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  • Lily Chang - Great guide to meditation practice!

    I have been meditating my whole life & my friends always wanted to know how I did it. How I stayed so calm with everything. I bought this book for my close friend & he's a changed man. I've never seen him so calm & relaxed. He doesn't stress anymore. We all meditate in our own way but this book is great for showing you how to start the process. I couldn't be happier with the end result. Very contented. Thanks Gary Owens.

  • Kenneth - I am a little disappointed in the fact that my cd case was busted ...

    I am a little disappointed in the fact that my cd case was busted up a bit on the outside. I like my cds to appear pleasant, but that's just me. As far as the actual cd, itself, it plays fine listening to it in my truck, so, I can't complain too much. The casing is what knocked off two stars.

  • Ritesh - Awesome book

    Simple to understand but difficult to follow. This guy is a natural. Everyone who doesn't want to do day trade should follow the teachings of this book.

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    This really does a fantastic job at getting out pet messes. I have used it in almost every way imaginable. It has cleaned up pee, poop, vomit, and hairball messes. It has cleaned up after cats and after dogs. It has cleaned up messes on hardwood, laminate, carpets, and rugs/mats. I have not had any issues with any of these scenarios. Make sure to apply the product quickly to the mess and follow the instructions. Sometimes letting the product sit and work on the mess really helps. It can be tough to get out stains if they are already old. The quicker you get to the mess the better.

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    I began taking Hair Essentials the middle of March, went to see my hairdresser on April 16 and she said I had new hair coming in where my hair was thinning. Now, today, May 15, that hair has grown enough to begin covering the area of my scalp that was thinning. I bought three bottles, and come next month, will purchase three more bottles because I am definitely a believer. Now my husband is interested in taking Hair Essentials too!

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    I don't do a lot of furniture work so it's not worth the hassle of making hide glue from powder in my mind. This is so convenient.

  • young at heart - MSG reaction DANGEROUS

    Please be careful if you are sensitive to MSG. Question? WHy would they put MSG in this anyway when MSG has been virtually removed from processed foods and Chinese food due to so many people suffering from severe adverse effects?