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  • matthew briskie - Not much to it

    not much to the vid, wanted more detail of the moments that really changed the games and the series overall

  • H. Zelizer - Cost-effective Emergency Power

    I bought this generator in preparation for hurricane Irene. Ordered it on Wen., it arrived on Fri., just in time to set it up before the storm (can't beat Amazon Prime!). The generator was easy to set up and started in one pull. This generator provided power sufficient to run the refrigerator, a mini-split a/c unit, TV, and a couple of fluorescent lights for two days. Under this load, a full tank (4 gallons) lasted around 12-14 hours. This unit appears to be a Chinese import so I do have my doubts about long-term reliability, never the less, the DS4000 appears surprisingly well-constructed and capable for the price.

  • Amanda L. - YES!

    I don't usually leave product reviews. But I always read them, and find them helpful. So i wanted to share my experience. This is worth the 11 bucks a bottle. To start height and weight are important to understanding weight loss. I'm 5'2" and my start weight was 121.8. my goal weight is 110 lbs.

  • Prairie Owl - This won't work if your accountant uses Windows!!!

    I purchased QB for mac and loved it until I found out that my accountant (who uses Windows) could not open my backup file! I made the backup using the feature 'backup to Windows.' I sent the file to QB data services and they returned a "corrected backup". My accountant still could not open it. I called QB and they said that it cannot be opened on Windows. I am extremely upset with QB because now I have to re-enter all the information I put on the mac back into Windows. DO NOT BUY QB FOR MAC BECAUSE IT CANNOT BE CONVERTED TO WINDOWS!!

  • Brian - Pool vacum

    This item was good for the price, it vacumed as it said it would, however, it's not a "shop vac" by any means

  • M. Trautman - Made For Women, Yet Pink Enough For a Man

    As a 27-year-old, I recognize that I have begun the long decline into old age, senility, and most importantly, pale and gray old-man genitalia. All my friends seem to be handling the aging process with style and class; I've been having more trouble coping than usual. My psychiatrist recommended that I take proactive steps to ease my passage into my twilight years, and this product was my first idea. I swore to myself that while my hair may fall out and my skin may wrinkle, I will NOT go to the grave with a monochromatic baton.