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  • | Sobre - O BMX Freestyle não se resume ao rolê de bike, mas vai muito além; se estende como um estilo de vida, uma subcultura. É por isso que, aqui no LinkBmx, além dos
  • | Playlist do Link - Playlist com musicas para ouvir enquanto anda de bike. Hip hop, Rap, Psicodelia.

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  • James Lentz - Not worth the price; dosen't last long

    I tried this product on several items. First off, it dries with a haze to it. I also noticed that it can be rubbed off and probably isn't good for any high traffic uses. Also, you cannot apply soap, motor oil or several other solvents on the surface - they break down the coating. Also, for 20 bucks it only covers like 10 square feet with a single coat. If you need to apply more than one coat on anything like clothing or larger metal surfaces, it will get very expensive and is not permanent. Since it seems to wear off rather easily, I wouldn't try it on anything electronic and expect more than temporary results. This seems to be a product not quite ready for prime time.

  • Darl Sabraw - Amazing

    I was dubious at first about it's only needing 2 AA batteries, but when they arrived I noticed that they were dilithium crystal based so they could also be used in my Type II Phaser.

  • Kenneth Culver - Works great but...

    The product itself worked great! I can't give it a better rating due to the fact that 3 of the 5 tubes I ordered this time busted out of the back while in the gun. Made a mess and wasted at least half of each tube. What I was able to use worked great!