Adwokat - radca prawny - kancelaria prawna - Łódź - Nasza kancelaria prawna świadczy usługi dla klientów indywidualnych oraz podmiotówgospodarczych.

  • O nas - Adwokat - radca prawny - kancelaria prawna - Łódź - Sprawdź najważniejsze informacje dotyczące naszej kancelarii prawnej z Łodzi!
  • USŁUGI - Kancelaria świadczy pełną obsługę prawną przedsiębiorców jak i klientów indywidualnych. PRAWO KORPORACYJNE Kancelaria oferuje kompleksową obsługę pra...
  • WSPÓŁPRACA - Wysokość oraz forma wynagrodzenia Kancelarii z tytułu świadczenia usług jest każdorazowo ustalana w porozumieniu z Klientem. Ceny za usługi świadczon...
  • POLITYKA - Polityka prywatności serwisu 1. Informacje ogólne Serwis realizuje funkcje pozyskiwania informacji o użytkownikach i ich zacho...

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  • R. Kumar - Good when it works, nightmare when it doesn't, and no clear line in between

    So, when this product works, it works great - our formerly sad yellow and black tiles are now a pure shiny white.

  • Clarissa Y. - This product was amazing on my hair

    This product was amazing on my hair. It left my hair soft and moisturized for days. I used it as a wash and go and also a twist out. I also used the co-wash and caramel souffle leave in conditioner. The products smell absolutely good. I could not believe how soft my hair was, as soon as you use the co-wash it instantly makes your hair soft. There is no need to comb your hair out before using, because the products will make the comb glide through any type of hair. The creme brulee,co-wash conditioner and the caramel souffle are now my favorite products to use.

  • J. Bradley - 2016 Honda Accord Touring - A Homerun

    I waited two years for Honda to catch up with the electronic safety devices that some other carmakers have had. The Honda Accord Touring for 2016 hits it out of the ballpark! And at a very reasonable cost compared to other cars. The adaptive cruise control is hard to believe, Lane departure warning, and crash control are all top-of-the-line. The Sideview turn signal camera that looks for cars in your blind spot was a bonus benefit I did not even know about. LED lights have been around for several years but they are new to Honda. Very nice. Auto windshield wipers are ... Hmmm. They just turn on and off when needed... (It is a camera the is constantly looking through the windshield for little raindrops!)

  • lulubelle - Great internet security!

    I have had Avast security for over 5 years now and have been very happy with it. Its very quick to let me know if something in my email or even on facebook that I click on is not a safe site or has a virus or other bug attached to it. Due to this I have not had any bad events happen to my computer. The price is great, I paid $69 one time for up to 3 computers in my household for 3 years and this is the upgraded security for when you use the internet to shop or bank. I also love the fact that they have Avast safe zone to go to when you are on a bank or credit card website. If you go to that site without going to safe zone first, they quickly recommend that you switch to safe zone before continuing into your account. I highly recommend that people use avast as an internet security program. I have recommended it to many friends and relatives who have also been happy with it.

  • Jacqueline Farrow - Terrible customer service

    I ordered the roof rails for my 2008 Highlander from here in Canada. When they arrived, I unpacked the box and found that one end of the roof rails was broken clean off rendering it unusable, I was missing a stopper on the driver's side and there were no installation instructions.