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  • Branwynne - Ingenious, as BOB is

    This did exactly what it says it does. It's super easy to pop in and out, the stroller closes without having to remove it, and my toddler loves having his own console.

  • Stephen A. Herman - Typical McAfee

    I'm sure you have all heard the stories of how McAfee anti-virus software can slow down your computer to a crawl. Well, here's yet another one. Having used McAfee Total Protection in the past, I should have known better than to try it again but the price for the 3 PC version was so good I couldn't stop myself. On my laptop which runs Windows Vista Professional, installation was okay, but I did need customer support for a few minor issues, On my desktop which runs Windows XP Professional, installation was hell. After hours on the phone with their online support person, he decided I needed support from a "senior team member" who would call me the next day after analyzing the problem. He did call, had me uninstall several the same software packages the first person did, plus several other things. Didn't work, still wouldn't install. He left me with a few more things to try and a call-back number for when I was finished. At this point I did a comprehensive search for the "real" problem, found several possible solutions on line of which one worked and let me install. I haven't bothered to install the software on my wife's Windows 8 based computer. After all of this, the McAfee software takes over my PC's whenever it does and update (frequently) or a scan. What junk!

  • Cas Rudy - The product itself is sturdy and well made

    The product itself is sturdy and well made. Easy to use, packaged well, arrived on time. It just doesn't work anything like videos I've seen. Doesn't get my hair anywhere near as straight as a traditional flat iron. Works nice to brush through hair to relax the hair in the back, but I still have to use flat iron on the front, so it's not really worth the hassle.

  • Rebecca - the floors look dull and cloudy after use

    I have used bona on floors in three different houses, hoping for a different result. In each case, the floors look dull and cloudy after use. I followed the directions to the letter - still dull.

  • Joanne Stewart - Best pet stain remover on the market!

    My elderly dog has had diarrhea accidents on the carpet lately that have left stains everywhere. I am simply amazed by this product. My husband says it ought to be called "poop be gone", because that's exactly what it does. Yes, it does suck the color out of the carpet, but our carpet is beige and it's ruined anyway, so I really don't care. What I care about is that I poured this stuff on, scrubbed it in with a brush, and even OLD stains are just boom, gone. No more disgusting brown poop stains on my carpet! Thank you Kids N Pets! I highly recommend this. But yes.... spot test first!!

  • khbooks - Love the first issue and can't wait for the next

    Finally! A baking magazine to help home bakers hone their skills! Love the first issue and can't wait for the next!!

  • A. Olivares - Love my new Ray ban!

    Love my ray ban! I bought this frame and send the prescription to Walmart. Save tons of money, at least U$200.