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  • Kindle Customer - Good book

    This story was written quite well. It delves into a sense of madness that happens when life throws you a curve ball. I enjoyed how each chapter was either "before" or "after" letting the reader see what lead to certain actions and the actions as they played out. Now, while I may not identify with Evelyn in some respects, I can see how she fell into the choices she was making. And ultimately, that is the sign of good writing, being able to emphasize with a character and feel for them because they have depth. So, thanks to the author for that!

  • Diamondbrite - It is easy to use

    I originally bought this product for my husband who is balding but he never used it so I decided to try it myself since my hair has been thinning at the bangs area for quite a few years. It is easy to use, especially with the Toppik Spray Applicator. I spray it at the root and under my hair (I side part so I spray at the center and "comb over"). It's great for me since I don't have "bald spots" so I fill these in, effectively camouflaging the scalp under my hair.

  • W. S. Franz - Didn't work after two tries

    Bought one from Costco, didn't work, so called tech. Long wait, but still could not get machine to brew. Took it back and got another one, same problem. Knew going in the problems others had, but thought it surely could not be that bad, but for me it was. Tech walked me through the process and offered to send me another one in 10 business days. No, took it back and as usual Costco was great. Now I will just continue as before, unless I buy an older model, but am rather reluctant to do so.

  • frederick - usually you have a choice

    In general, you usually have a choice to either go fast or slow. Don't expect to going slow ever again after buying this product.

  • Jennifer - WOW, changed my life....

    I've been suffering from "something" ever since I had mono at the age of 17 (lots of antibiotics and steroids prescribed at that time). I feel like I've tried everything in the book with some success, but I could never quite get to feeling like all the vibrant people around me. I stumbled across Threelac after reading the success stories and figured I had nothing to lose. In 2 or 3 days, after taking Threelac, I was feeling strong and energetic and like I could finally set out to make the life I truly wanted. I've had people remark about how vibrant and full of life I look. I only wanted to feel good, so this was icing on the cake! I had a couple of days of the "killing off" effect but nothing like I've encountered with regular detoxing. I take 1 to 2 doses a day I'm also on a gluten free, sugar free, dairy free diet (but am hoping that will change in the future!!)

  • C&EUmmah - Really works!

    I have one Lhasa Apso that lately has been marking/urinating in the same place and we have been totally unsuccessful at getting the smell of the urine out. I have tried MANY products, including Nature's Miracle which DOESN'T get the smell out, works only temporarily and if you have a carpet, the urine gets all the way down to the pad and the smell is VERY hard to get out. When I saw this product at Walmart I decided to give it a shot, but with a reasonable amount of skepticism. Well, I am so glad I tried it because this is the first product amongst MANY I have tried that actually worked. I followed the instructions for odor removal (just pour it on and let it dry over the affected area) and it smelled very strongly of ammonia at first so make sure you open up all the windows...but after it completely dried the smell was very hard to detect and I was amazed it actually worked. Since then I've purchased 2 more bottles of this just in case and plan on going back for more to clean up all my rug. I highly recommend this product and think it is very reasonably priced as well.

  • Amanda - Love it!

    It is really nice, I really like it, but I wish they weren't all 45's, the sound comes out a bit quicker than usual. All the album art was neat though.