Lunatus Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Company | Lunatus – Passion for Excellence - Lunatus offers 360 turnkey health care representation in the Middle East & Gulf Region

  • About Lunatus | Lunatus – Passion for Excellence - Lunatus medical and marketing services for the Middle East. Distribution channel
  • Lunatus Mission | Lunatus – Passion for Excellence - Our mission is to provide value added quality marketing and operational services tailored to the versatility of the region.
  • Lunatus brands and Products | Lunatus – Passion for Excellence - Offers a range of services that include Pharmaceuticals, Rx & OTC, Aesthetics medicine, skin care, Consumer Health and medical equipment for the GCC
  • BioQ Pharma and Lunatus Execute Agreement | Lunatus – Passion for Excellence - BioQ Pharma and Lunatus Execute Agreement to Commercialize Two Infusion Pharmaceuticals in Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar and Kuwait.
  • Foltene - Range of hair care treatments | Lunatus – Passion for Excellence - Whether you suffer from hair loss, oily scalp, dandruff, scalp sensitivity or thin, weak hair, Foltène puts life back into your locks.
  • HighTech Cosmetics: technology in your daily beauty care | Lunatus – Passion for Excellence - HC HIGHTECH COSMETICS IS THE MOST RESPONSIVE AND TECHNOLOGICALLY ADVANCED LUXURY COSMETICS BRAND ON THE MARKET.
  • Well-Ness - All Natural liquid Suppliments | Lunatus – Passion for Excellence - Well-Ness antioxidant herbal blends formulated by the purest natural extracts and selected ingredients. All Well-Ness blends are sugar & caffeine free
  • ProFlora - Premium probiotics for a healthy lifestyle | Lunatus – Passion for Excellence - premium probiotics to restore and balance the health and wellness of your digestive system, for the whole family. Comes in 3 concentrated varieties.
  • Pantogar - The No.1 treatment against hair loss is now in Dubai | Lunatus – Passion for Excellence - Pantogar is trusted by millions world wide for its support against diffused hair loss. Providing the nutrients from within for stronger healthier hair.
  • RADIESSE Lifting Filler - For a more younger you | Lunatus – Passion for Excellence - Treatment with RADIESSE Lifting Filler is quick, comfortable and convenient, with immediately visible, long-lasting results.

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  • Sunny - beware of year, otherwise great

    Be aware that when the book says "2008-2009", it refers to the first year of medical school that you would be applying to enter. So, it's what you would want if you begin applying in the summer of 2007. Otherwise, the book is very helpful, although I wish that it contained more information on the rank of the school.

  • D. Savage - Helps to plan road trip

    I'm a big user of Microsoft Streets and Trips and was happy to see a European version. Great tool for planning, will optimize a route just after plugging in a variety of stops. Gives you the option to time your stops, enter how much time you'll spend at each one. Arrived quickly.

  • Elena W - Very True

    The movie is must see. I am an immigrant from Former Soviet Union I can see where O...a is going...but before seeing the movie I thought he is just a narcissistic change-maker with oversized ego and now I know why...I have degree in psychology and this is really really true...there is no tree without roots, there is no fire without smoke...Obama does not have roots in America and he has a lot of wealth not to think about gas prices or food prices or electricity prices he has it all covered...he can allow himself to think about HIS WORTH and HIS IDEALS...he is not a friend of poor or black or Muslim or Christian or women or worrier or ...anybody. He has his personal agenda his personal achievement in this life...i would not be surprised if he secretly adores Adolf Hitler. He is all about his magnificence . I personally think that he was surprised when he got elected President because I thought his real card was to not to be elected and play the race card after. That is why he is incompetent and lazy president and not interested in bringing up the high values of America because he never was trying to be a president of USA, but he wanted to be a great revolutionist. He wanted to destroy America from outside but then he suddenly got elected president and his plans changed a little he decided to destroy America from inside...But in reality he is not as smart as he thinks he is..he is a failure...and hopefully leave the white house in 24 days.. .According to psychologists Lenin started whole revolution in Russia just because he had never forgave the czar for killing his older brother Alexander and Lenin vowed for revenge and...just in time he was supported and subsidized by Germans.

  • Bonnie S Oliver - Use them for vacationing / sleeping in unfamiliar places

    I don't travel without these! I never sleep well at home and it's even more difficult when away from home - I keep these on hand to use when I travel / vacation. They don't knock me out (I don't react strongly to any sleep aide) - just relax and make me fall asleep more easily.

  • Matt Miller - Very Impressed

    I didn't buy from this from Amazon. I got it from an actual Shop Fox dealer. For a bench top model this is built pretty solid. Craftsman, Porter Cable and Delta are using stamped steel or aluminum for the top and fence. This is solid cast iron, which makes it more stable and less vibration. I didn't have it bolted down and it didn't move. You are limited by the size of material you can run through it, I found nothing more then four feet long is ideal. The dust port works very well. I just wish it would fit my shop vac but I can get an adapter. The only thing I don't like are the small plastic handles for adjusting the fence. You just need to be careful tightening or loosening. This is the first Shop Fox product I have bought and I am very impressed. If you're thinking of getting this one try to find a dealer (can find on their website) as they may already have one in stock. If not, I think it would be worth the wait.

  • Amazon Customer - How to use the BVcam software to record live video, save to the microSD card, and transfer to a computer.

    Finding a relatively inexpensive camera that actually connected to my wifi network is hit or miss. I did manage to connect this camera with the BVcam software to my wifi network using the instructions. I had bought another camera previously but it only supported P2P connection which is pretty useless as a security camera.