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  • Sojourner45 - Eye Opening

    Amazing revelation about the Luciferian/pagan influences of the building arrangement of Washington D.C. and the design of the one dollar bill. The satanic plans for the destiny of the United States of America by many of our forefathers is also discussed.

  • residae - This review is on the actual item I got, not Bare Minerals .

    I'm SO not happy with this purchase. I have been using Bare Minerals for years - that's not the problem. The problem I have is, I bought this as a NEW product, and yes, the TOP seal is not broken. But when this arrived it was in a plastic bag with more product in the BAG than in the CONTAINER. I cannot even get the bottom "lid" to stay on, like it wasn't made for this container, making me wonder what exactly is IN the container..is it really Bare Minerals or was it swapped with another product??? I'm SO mad!! I will be returning this product, as I'm not about to find out the hard way if this is REALLY the product I wanted or some knock off chemical laden substitute. This is a complete FAILURE.

  • Anthony Walker - Five Stars

    Everything you need to know in one place...You have to also get the Case book for further explanation.

  • Springred - Beautiful!

    This is one of the best Holiday Barbies..the Gown is detailed and lovely. Her Hair, face and all match as well. The box is perfectly decorated for storage...A very Merry Christmas Gift.

  • raffaella - Burned my skin

    I have used this and several other Perricone MD products for over 1 year now. I have not noticed any improvement in the appearance of my skin. The Face Finishing Moisturizer, in particular, burned when I put it on my face. When I called Perricone, they wouldn't allow me to return it because I had had it for over 30 days. After few weeks later I began to experience itching which only grew worse as time went by. Eventually I had to discontinue use of all of the Perricone MD products I had purchased. So I am stuck with a boatload of products and Perricone (unlike many cosmetic lines) will not take them back because they have a strict 30-day return policy.

  • Pamela Mele - son very happy

    I bought this for my son who had a Marmot jacket like it for many, many, years. He is very happy to have the replacement.

  • David Moffett - Way too fast for me

    I just got the game, I rented it because of the review it was receiving. I was surprise and very disappointed when I found out I would have to read how to do all the exercises, either from the help mode or the instruction book. I thought she would explain the exercise at the beginning of each one. I could just being fussy but I'm not going to read about all 18 exercises. I'm just glad I rented the darn thing.