Bem vindo à Maputo Sul, E.P. - Maputo Sul, E.P., Ponte da KaTembe, Estrada Circular, Katembe à Ponta de D'ouro, Boane à Bela Vista.Maintenance by Virgilio Sitole (Communication) and Délcio Mucombo (IT Specialist)

Country:, Africa, MZ

City: 32.5892 Cidade de Maputo, Mozambique

  • Nicholas J. Delillo - Do NOT use as a portal to Narnia!!!

    Just trust me on this one. Tried it from every angle. It just...doesn't work. Also, do NOT experiment with alternate modes of entry. Tried a pentagram pattern with Nocturne candles during the waxing moon. That was unpleasant and...messy. It works OK as a Stargate, but be prepared to deal with the Ori and some residual Goa'uld. Also, do NOT get Gandalf to say 'Mellon' in front of it while skipping stones across murky water. If you do, make sure you enjoy your calamari somewhat undercooked and be sure to have your GPS set for "Durin's Bridge." Saying "Mirror Mirror on the Wall" is not recommended

  • John Hane - Failed completely after 18 months - Poor build quality and major design defect.

    This review is based on use for eighteen months and my ownership of two other trampolines at similar price points. The trampoline (Skywalker 15 foot round) looks good and bounces nicely, but it's poorly designed the materials are very low quality. Even the best made trampolines pose inherent safety risks. The poor design and build quality of this product make it *unacceptably unsafe*.