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  • Misstree - despite being large they were easy to take

    I was waiting for the right occasion to put these to the test, but I havent had a really heavy drinking nite for full results, but I did go to a wedding last nite, and had to be up and at em for work this morning. I had had a few beers, and no hard stuff so no miracle cure was needed. Popped 2 before bed with a glass of water, despite being large they were easy to take, no bad taste left behind. I was able to get up, no headache, definitely tired but that's from the lack of sleep not the booze. I look forward to trying these again in future. I received this item at a discounted price.

  • paula Holland - awsome cover And book

    This is a great read especially for Ghostbusters fans from all around the world! The cover is different from another artist please do not get them confused...

  • Akpride89 - I love this protein powder

    I love this protein powder, it is so good. I have found I only like it with sweetened vanilla almond milk though, the unsweetened gives it a horrible taste in my does thicken up a lot if you let it sit (which I do because Iike it thick!) for about 5 minutes or more. It's never turned into sludge, just thick. I would definitely recommend this for somebody looking for dairy free or vegan protein powder! I've used it as a meal replacement and it has kept me plenty full for a couple of hours. I do use a draping scoop with 16oz of vanilla almond milk. It's just my personal ration that I like to get the thickness and taste I like :)

  • Amazon Customer - Great mirror

    This is a great mirror! Fits good on our GMC Acadia. We can see LO well from drivers side and passengers side along with in rear view mirror. The mirror does vibrate a little when driving but that's not a problem. Stays in place well.

  • Blue Castle - great!

    this product is amazing. i just hate the price. i need 1 and a half canisters a month. its worth it but damn its expensive. im like alex jones. i cant stop eating unless i take this. my body craves nutrition. if it doesnt get it. ill try to overcompensate with eater too damn much and get sick and constipated. this product makes me stop eating when im full. my plates are normal sized now. i would give it 5 stars but the damn price needs to drop. 30 bucks is fair. if i find an equivalent for cheaper id leave the one in the dust but honestly its worth every penny if ur health is a priority. so i say try it. if anyone knows an equivalent for cheaper comment plz. and yes , it turns ur pee ultraviolet yellow :) lol.

  • SUPERCOUP - Good product

    Great addition to any flight simmers cockpit. Makes it feel as real as it gets. works flawlessly and installs in seconds.