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MEDICAS UIS | Revista de los Estudiantes de Medicina de la Universidad Industrial de Santander - MÉDICAS UIS - La Revista de los Estudiantes de Medicina de la Universidad Industrial de Santander - MÉDICAS UIS, Revista de los Estudiantes de Medicina de la Universidad Industrial de Santander, tiene como fin la divulgación de la producción científica y la formación de sus lectores en los diversos campos del conocimiento biomédico. MÉDICAS UIS está dirigida a estudiantes de pre y postgrado de medicina, médicos generales y especialistas quienes reciben cuatrimestralmente una amplia gama de temas distribuidos en las diversas secciones de la publicación.

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  • Trini Girl - Good airbrush kit for first time users ....

    This was my first experience with an airbrush kit. I had no difficulty using the kit since everything came pre assembled and was easy to use. The only thing is that since I began using the kit regularly, I now learn that it is easier (for example) to attach a 4 port manifold to use other airbrush at the same time.

  • Troy Riser - Jeffrey Dean Morgan's Performance Was Amazing

    I have a weakness for scenery-chewing villains and Jeffrey Dean Morgan's spot-on portrayal of the gleefully murderous Negan is riveting to watch. Every movement, every word spoken, every action taken by Morgan's Negan is calculated to terrorize and dominate and I'm guessing few actors could believably pull it off. Morgan does. There's a risk in a cartoony portrayal with such a character but there was absolutely nothing funny or off-key about Negan. As a viewer, you have to ask yourself if the bad guy leader is the kind of man who could realistically evoke fear and obedience from a hundred (or more) hardened zombie apocalypse survivors. The way Morgan plays the role, yes, yes he could. Negan's no cartoon.

  • Kitty Kat - Would not buy this again

    I bought this waffle maker two years ago. After using it for about six months, I noticed that it didn't get as hot as it did when I first bought it. I had to turn it up all the way to "7" to get the waffles done. After about two years, it finally died. The orange light came on, but it wouldn't get hot at all. Also, very hard to clean. Very disappointed in this product.

  • senoria gibson - A wonderful intense drak love story!

    This is an amazing book! I could not put it down till the end. Hayley and Luke have am incredibly strong love for each other and are willing to fight for it. Will keep you wondering who the killer is.