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  • Are vitamins essential for us? - Vitamins are essential and a deficiency results in disorders which can be life threatening. Vitamins are essential organic nutrients and are mainly obtained through food.
  • What are the bad effects of soft drinks? - There are various bad effects of soft drinks consumption, to the most common we can include obesity, osteoporosis, cardiovascular diseases or renal diseases.
  • What are happy hormones? - Happy hormones are certain chemicals in the brain called neurotransmitters that are responsible for feeling of happiness. Read more about happy hormones.
  • Glass of wine a day – is it beneficial for our health? - Have you ever wondered if a glass of wine a day is beneficial to your health? The answer is interesting and not obvious. Wine contains alcohol but on the other hand it stimulates metabolism.

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  • Amar Sidhu - I don't savvy many sorts of things like this I actually have received with fully no directions

    This defence Wall Mount for 40-70" TV’s came with directions. that's vital. I don't savvy many sorts of things like this I actually have received with fully no directions. All of the items area unit robust and sturdy. This was straightforward to assemble.

  • S. Williams - So far so good

    These are comfortable, the sound quality is great for earphones and they paired to my iphone 6+ just by pushing the on button 6 seconds - didn't even touch the phone. The clarify is perfect, although a little tinny, but I may just need to adjust iphone audio. Overall great earphones after a couple days use. They aren't the most attractive, as it looks like there are short square bolts coming out of your ears, but it is not bad, given the secure connection and sound...they just are not low profile...availability in white would have been nice.

  • Stephanie Kennedy - Oh I love thee...let me count the ways....6 squirrels in 6 days!

    Seeing how I live in a very residential area, I cannot shoot the squirrels and those little rodents are always knocking down and chewing up my bird feeders. We put out the squirrelinator on day one and BOOM got our first one. Every day we got one and now I think the word is out or we ran out of local grey squirrels to capture. We never caught more than one at a time, the others will come over but freak out over their trapped comrade so they don't try to go in. Little birds sneak in for snacks but they don't get caught. If you are a bit of squirrel lover, be warned that they do freak right out when trapped and we found 2 of them dead in the trap after only a few hours - I am guessing due to exhaustion. It saved us a couple of .22 rounds.

  • thunder.cells - Pretty Awesome

    I really like this. I like the way it looks. I love swimming with it. I also use to tracking walking and biking. But unfortunately like so many trackers, loosing the gadget is really possible with the design of the band. I'd like to see this improved, and I'd like to be able to use it for open water swimming. I'd also like to have online access to my data to I could look at my workouts over time.

  • soccer mania - Brake pada was extremly difficult to install

    These do look great on my JGC summit, 2014. The gas pedal installation was a breeze. No problem at all.