Innovation for Global Health - MedinCell - We act for Global Health by developing drug delivery technologies which improve worldwide access to medicine and enable better treatments quality.

  • Long-acting drug delivery platform - MedinCell - A game-changing technology for a new generation of controlled, localized and long-acting drug delivery.
  • The BEPO drug delivery technology - MedinCell - BEPO drug delivery technology is composed of copolymers containing hydrophilic and water-soluble blocks (PEG) linked with hydrophobic and amorphous blocks (PLA)
  • Partnership - MedinCell - We are empowering our partners to develop the new generation of best-in-class medicines that combine low manufacturing cost with potent ecological and compliance-related benefits.
  • Careers - MedinCell - Ready to boost your career by taking part of a new pharmaceutical model which really puts people at the center of all its endeavours?
  • Company - MedinCell - By combining efficiency, creativity, responsibility and humanity, we embody what is essential for a 21st century company.
  • Medincell and Sandoz enter into a technology agreement - MedinCell and Sandoz will develop and commercialize long-acting injectable products based on BEPO™ technology with a primary focus on oncology
  • Our Mission - MedinCell - Dedicated to Global Health, we empower the pharmaceutical industry to achieve its initial mission.

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  • zacowacko - "Cozmo has moved and can now only spin around in circles throwing a fit!"

    "Cozmo has moved and can now only spin around in circles throwing a fit and not responding to any app comands!" My Cozmo must be programmed in annoying the hell out of me. He's good for about 15 seconds and then stops responding to any command from the app, including sleep. Sometimes he gives that Cozmo has moved error and then stops responding, other times he just stops and goes on throwing a tantrum. He does this even quicker, if you start a game, then just spends around freakin out with no way to stop him, other than closing the app. He also has a hard time spotting his blocks, even if the room is well lit with lights. Dont know if i should wait to see if any updates fix him or just send him back...

  • San Diego Hez - Wow! Just wow.

    I wasn't expecting much when I bought this stuff. I have a strong nose and a strong stomach so when I took the cap off and didn't vomit, I wasn't surprised. One The smell of 20 unwiped and unwashed colonic cavities burned off my nasal hairs, flipped my stomach, and made me question my religion. My nose was hallucinating. I wanted to hurt something . I called my mom two cities away to see if she could smell it. It peeled my lid back and dropped in the stench of wet homelessness. My cat panicked and ran away. Still missing. This is what the rectum of a cadaver smells like. Seriously. I'm getting this stuff tested in a lab to make sure there is no human dna found inside. All in all....a friendship ender.

  • RHenry - Good buy

    My wife loves these. They work, they are easy to clean, and they are soft and comfortable. We will buy more.

  • Andy & Katie W. - Fun and educational first watch for kids!

    My daughter's favorite features are the animated clock faces, the fitness counter that records your footsteps, and the counter to record number of jumps. The built-in photo and video camera, photo frames, voice recorder, alarm, timer, calculator, and calendar make it the perfect accessory for kids who are already intrigued by technology.

  • Amber S. Morgan - The best odor remover for housetraining.

    Many things will work to make people unable to detect the scent. This works to make DOGS unable to detect the scent. Dogs will pee in a spot where they smell pee...whether you smell it or not.

  • Travis Lyman - Highly recommend

    I ride road bikes and mountain bikes and decided to spend a little extra money on a really good helmet that I can use for both MTB and road riding. This helmet saved my life or at the very least save me from a left frontal lobe concussions. Recently I was mountain biking in Lyons Colorado on a rather challenging single track trail with a 3 out of 5 star rating for technical trail . On my descent I may have been going a little too fast and my weight was slightly forward and hit a random rock. I flew over my handle bar and my head landed on a sharp large rock "head on" and the rest of my body ended up in the bushes on the side of the mountain. The Giro Aeon took the full brunt of my landing . The helmet did not break and suffered 3 point of contact dents. I could actually fell the helmet absorbing the impact as I made impact with the 2x2 feet rock. Helmet still functions. I highly recommend this helmet.

  • Amazon Customer - ***FAKE YETI***

    FAKE YETI! I have been price shopping this tumbler for some time. recently I saw the price drop dramatically (below $20) and I pulled the trigger. I waited nearly two weeks to receive the tumbler FROM CHINA. Upon receiving the tumbler, I noticed that at first glance it looks real. Just like all the other reviews, it is taller than a real yeti tumbler and the lid has a blue tint to it. I contacted the seller, LABRATS, and they told me in chinese to english translation that they "we are yeti office store, sale original yeti, best care." Do not buy the Yeti Tumbler because they are fake.