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  • George Batman D.M. - super great remidy.........

    This the best!!! It healed my open wound of 9 years, in a month and a half, dissolved a small tumor, and stopped an irritating cough. God's miracle in a bottle.

  • Amazon Customer - Helps me maintain my weight

    After losing weight, I am constantly struggling to keep from gaining again. My fat cells have a memory and it's way too easy to blow up again. Taking this supplement is truly helping me. I notice an increase in energy without feeling like I am over stimulated. I consume very little caffeine, so my body is very sensitive to it. I take two capsules in the morning and it give me the energy I need for the day, plus I notice that I am not as hungry. I can go longer before getting hungry for lunch. Also, my evening cravings are more manageable. Since taking these supplements, I haven't had to struggle as much maintaining my weight.

  • Poingdexter - Poor Quality

    Poor Quality, handle fell pulled off first use. Use plumbing cement to fix. Weeks later would not pull vacuum. Used oil to swell seal. 12 months later not working at all. When is worked, it was great. Looking for better quality product.

  • Cathy Rook - Movin' & Groovin" for sure

    2013 Maxine Wall Calendar - Maxine is awesome and this calendar is the greatest. She's so irreverent in her comments each month.

  • Roy Q - Fantastic game at a great price

    You know the old say "if it looks too good to be true then it probably is"? Well, this deal is legit and it's a great deal. Lowest price I've seen on this earlier release of FS. It's an addicting, fun game with tons of add-on's and mods available for it.

  • Catelin Miller - Works great

    We had a huge carpet beetle problem and this got rid of it. Thank goodness, this product works really well!

  • John K. Sawers - Even though we had 100 days to make out decision, after a week we knew we'd be keeping it.

    Delivery and setup were very easy. I looked at Tuft & Needle and a few others - they all rate their firmness on the high side, 7-9 out of 10. The Casper is more like a 5, which is perfect for me.