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  • Amber Skye - Fantastic

    I have used this stuff for about 3 months now and it is fantastic. My hair grows extremely quickly and seems to be stronger than when I started using it. Same for my nails. My skin seems more youthful looking as well. It has a sour grape lollipop taste that I don't exactly love, but it's not the worst either. I just kind of swallow it quickly and follow up with my yummy fiber gummies before heading to bed. Try this!

  • Kat M. - Love these firming pads

    Love these firming pads. If you buy anything from Dr. Denese or just decide to invest in a higher end product get this!!! I have normal skin so daily use is no problem but with someone that has sensitive skin you might want to just use it a few times a week. After using it for a couple of weeks I've noticed that my skin is brighter, more evened out, my fine lines pretty much all gone (I'm 28) and my face generally more uplifted. Of course drinking plenty of water and putting on SPF is also beneficial.

  • Vi Vi - Zap does not work fraud

    This stuff ZAP is a joke Pepsi works better please Yale this off the market selling this is obviously trying to copy a cleaner that works I think it's called ROG but I'm not sure what this stuff doesn't work at all

  • F. Fahrner - Still love it after 4 yrs.

    Purchased this machine in October of 2009. It gets used from 40 minutes to an hour every day. Am no wimpy lightweight (230 lbs). The machine is holding up extremely well. Just recently I started have trouble with erroneous heart rate readings. Changed the battery and cleaned the pads but still had issues. Called customer service and they sent out a new belt no charge. The point here is great customer service. They really do stand behind their warranty, no hassel at all.

  • Carolyn - navigator

    This seems to repel the garter snakes that live on my sunny patio and i haven't seen any since sprinkling the product.

  • Jersey Boy - Fits Great...But..,

    The product appears to be well made, BUT...the installation instructions are a joke. Without installation hints from the reviews I NEVER could have figured out how to install the racks‼️❗️

  • Warren Anderson - You can easily upgrade the deck by adding cards such as "Godless ...

    This deck is actually surprisingly powerful. You can easily upgrade the deck by adding cards such as "Godless Shrine" or "Thoughtseize" and perhaps a "Brimaz, King of Oreskos" or two from the current standard environment. With the further addition of fetchlands you can turn this into a Tier 1.5+ deck.