Migraine & Headache Singapore - Migraine and headache treatments in Singapore. What is migraine? symptoms, cure, pain relief, clinics, medicines and alternative solutions...

  • http://www.migraine.sg/what-is-migraine/ What is Migraine? - What is migraine? Migraines are headache attacks which are unilateral and the intensity maybe moderate to severe. Migraines may last a few hours to days...
  • http://www.migraine.sg/symptoms/ Migraine Symptoms - Migraines are attacks of headaches which may be severe or of slight intensity. There are two categories of migraines; migraines with aura and migraines without aura.
  • http://www.migraine.sg/children/ Children & Migraine - Most children experience migraines and there are various causes. The symptoms they exhibit include paleness, passiveness, anorexia, abdominal pain, vomiting, motion sickness and others.
  • http://www.migraine.sg/women/ Women & Migraine - Women are the most common group that suffers from migraine as compared to men. This is associated with instability in the levels of estrogen and progesterone hormones...
  • http://www.migraine.sg/at-work/ Migraine At Work - Migraine can be one of the most difficult medical conditions with excruciating pain. Employers need knowledge on how to handle employees suffering from migraine at work and create work friendly environment.
  • http://www.migraine.sg/chronic/ Chronic Migraine - Chronic migraine is the type of headache that attacks an individual for fifteen days in a month and occurring for three consecutive months.
  • http://www.migraine.sg/associations/ Migraine Association - Associations are health bodies whose aim is to create public awareness on the migraine, which is a neurological disorder. Migraine can be very disabling causing one to be ineffective at work.
  • http://www.migraine.sg/magazines-news/ Migraine Magazines & News - Find a magazine/journal with news on migraine and useful information to help you cope with the condition. Each magazine listed herein brings you useful tips on how to manage the condition and when to seek medical help.
  • http://www.migraine.sg/pain-relief/ Migraine Pain Relief - Getting the right medication could go a long way in fighting migraine and giving you pain relief. The pain associated with migraines can be excruciating and getting the right drugs for the condition is what could save you.
  • http://www.migraine.sg/cure-treatment/ Migraine Cure & Treatment - There are quite a number of migraine treatment methods which also cure severe headache. They include use of analgesics and Botox to cure patients of the excruciating pain and symptoms of migraine.
  • http://www.migraine.sg/pain-control-home/ Migraine Pain Control at Home - There are many different ways of migraine pain control at home. As discussed herein, there are remedies that one can turn to when they feel the onset of a migraine...
  • http://www.migraine.sg/clinics/ Migraine Cure Clinics - There are various migraine cure clinics in worldwide where you can seek help when troubled by migraines or other headaches...
  • http://www.migraine.sg/complementary-treatments/ Complementary Migraine Treatments - Complementary treatments involve use of pain relieving procedures and are among the most effective drug-free ways of treating migraines and other headaches.
  • http://www.migraine.sg/alternative/ Alternative Migraine Pain Relief - Alternative migraine pain relief treatments play a big part in providing migraine relief. They include eating wholesome foods and green leafy vegetables.

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    I was given this product by my doctor and it seemed to be effective although I did have to take many pills a day when my allergies were bad. However, I started getting migraines every day and eventually realized it was from this product. I believe it may have been the nettle. I also do not like that they use magnesium stearate which has a lot of negative effects. I have switched to Thorne and Pure Encapsulations products.

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