Estate Agents in Denia with large portfolio of property for sale in Denia - Casitas Miralor are based in the village of Els Poblets, Denia. Established for more than 15 yeas

  • 3 bedroom Villa For Sale in Els Poblets, Alicante - 3 bedroom Villa For Sale in Els Poblets, Alicante, Detached villa in Els Poblets.Only a short walk from the village and beach. Panoramic views.
  • 5 bedroom Villa For Sale in Beniarbeig, Alicante - 5 bedroom Villa For Sale in Beniarbeig, Alicante, Villa in Beniarbeig. Large, flat, private and secured plot of 3,335m2. 8 km to the beach.

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  • Rosa Lilian - The worst Ouija board I have ever tried

    I played Ouija when I was in high school with my friends long time ago and had an incredible experience. I wanted to try it again, but I’m also scare because I know what it is behind this. However, the surface of this particular board will not make it possible even for experience users. I laughed so much with a review here where the buyer said that no hell will move this board lol! The worst Ouija board I have ever tried. Tossed this one to the garbage right away. Wasted my money and this the first time I give one star to a product review here on Amazon.

  • Tim Benton - This stuff is crazy

    My friend recommended this stuff to me because it worked for a persistent stain he had. I ordered it and received it quickly. I first tried it on a golf shirt that had three blue stains the size of dimes on it, which came from an unknown source. I had tried several times to get the stains out and the shirt had been washed multiple times, so the stains were basically a part of the shirt at that point, and I was not too hopeful. I doused the stains several times and really used more that it called for because I didn't think it would work. I scrubbed the stains several times with a toothbrush and left the stained areas wet for a few hours, then washed it. To my surprise, all the stains were gone when it came out of the wash. Another way I used it was on a persistent grease stain on another shirt. Once again, I doused the heck out of it and scrubbed it with a toothbrush, and then let it sit, and then washed it. Once again, the stain was gone. I will always keep this on hand and would recommend anyone else to have some also. It is cheap, and it works. Thank you!

  • Joyce Austin - The contents list is accurate, no instructions booklet or warranty info etc.

    I haven't had this for very long yet, but I do notice some differences. I'll update once I have something more specific to say, such as lab results etc. If you have sleep issues I'm going to suggest that this does seem to effect that for the better. I got it to lower systemic inflammation to heighten the effectiveness of things I'm working on to correct some various chronic health issues. It occurred to me that with this kind of health challenge, my body would be blocking many of the proactive things I'm trying to do and essentially waste the money and effort I'm putting into them. Hopefully, by doing this, there will be a jump in effects of the other things I'm doing now as a result and without many other changes initially. Then when I add something expensive to the list of things, it should be that much more effective up front and I'll get more out of it.

  • Khoa Tran - Was able to pilot a Boeing after drinking contest

    I have used quite a few hangover remedies and these actually work. Be aware that they are not making false claims that it completely cures you, no matter how much you drink. Any remedy that claims that is false. If you decide to drink a tub full of Vodka, you will die, and no pill can cure that headache or bring you back from the dead. Sobur is honest and says that you will be more "clear-headed" than usual.

  • Aly VanderPlas - I love these mats

    I love these mats. The only downside is that the captains seats are stationary and can not be moved backwards any further due to the constraints of the mats,

  • katie - Would like to read a kindle edition review of this book.

    I haven't purchased this yet. I was wanting to read reviews on the kindle edition but didn't find any. All the reviews are on the spiral book. Anyone out there tried the kindle edition?