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  • Amazon Customer - Similar To A Plastic Bag...

    I am a Diva Cup user, and have recently tried the Softcup. The Softcup wasn't for me because the little baggie that catches your flow felt a little like plastic wrap, and doesn't fill up nicely like the Diva Cup. Instead it gets all messy. I didn't like how it felt like I was using a plastic bag. Overall I give this product three stars, because it doesn't dry out your vagina like tampons, and it doesn't contain carcinogens like dioxin (found in conventional pads and tampons) which is great. Although I found it unpleasant to wear, because it doesn't have a solid shape, and feels like a plastic baggie. Thanks for reading my review!

  • Amazon Customer - They're not kidding about the "miracle"!

    This product has made such a difference in my hair. Mostly, I notice that it is so much softer and more "touchable" when I use it. I have long thick hair and I have it professionally colored every few months. My stylist recommended this product when I was asking for ways to help protect my hair from the coloring and the heat of using a flat iron. It seems to cut down on the frizz but without making my hair feel weighed down or greasy like some other "anti-frizz" products I've tried. Highly recommended!

  • Crystal Martin - We love this stroller

    We love this stroller. It handles well. You can steer it easily with one hand. It is easy to fold and unfold. We used it in the airport a few times. It's a breeze use. I is comfortable for the child. We love that his legs can be elevated when he's reclined. We take it shopping, we've taken it to the beach, racetrack, and Disney. Handles well on different types of terrain. The basket is big but not huge. The zipper access feature for the basket is nice. This allow the basket to remain useful while child is reclined. Our son is 18 months now and I can see this being the last stroller we will buy. Love it!!!

  • Tantrum Audio - Awesome antenna. Got 17 Channels

    Worked great on a party bus. Got 17 channels. Very high quality. I painted mine flat back to match the bus.

  • Marji - I prefer the original.

    I ordered this thinking it was getting the original Ojon Hair Treatment but I received the "Plus" version of the product. The original was so much better. I'd put it on when I knew I was going to be home for a while and when I shampooed my hair a few hours later it would be shiny and soft. The Ojon Plus leaves a residue that makes my hair feel and look greasy and dirty. I need to lather up a few times to get all of it out of my hair and that leaves my hair feeling dry. Kind of defeats the purpose of a treatment!

  • Loren Morris - Best getting out of debt book I've Found

    I have read many a getting out of debt book. Most mention reducing your lifestyle considerably until your debts are paid off, including selling many things you may enjoy having, but that can be extremely unpleasant or difficult to most people. This book recommends finding something you love and finding ways to save money in your budget to create a "debt destroyer" and using this "debt destroyer" money every month to speed up paying off your debt. This allows you to adjust your lifestyle as much as you are comfortable without having to reduce your lifestyle to bare minimum. The technique taught in this book can be difficult at times and may take a bit longer to get out of debt than other books, but you still become debt free, and your lifestyle is not destroyed with the debt.

  • Vincent E. Low - The best!

    This is the best marinade for deep frying my turkey! Everyone loves the creole butter flavor! It's a must have for deep frying!