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  • Anna - Good coffee table book

    Great book for leaving around on a coffee table for folks that want to entertain themselves for just a few minutes at a time... I guess it would also be good as a bathroom reader for the same reason.

  • ALLISON G. - If my nails are an indicator of what's to come for my hair... WOW!!!!

    These gummies are SO good, almost too good because when I get desperate for something sweet I sometimes give them a second look, haha. I'm, mostly, kidding. I also love the dual attack strategy. I will do anything to stop my thinning, weak, damaged hair. I was able to purchase these for a discount in exchange for an honest review and figured I didn't have anything to lose. I have been taking them for three weeks now and I am really seeing a huge improvement in my nails. Like crazy improvement... longer (so much longer) stronger (hence the longer.. no breakage!) and not weak or peely (yes, that's a thing) My hair is possibly growing faster, but really its too soon to tell. However if it does to my hair what's happening with my nails I'll be a happy girl. I mean my nails look good, almost fake good. They are thicker, better colored, and really strong (even after a whole day at the beach) I can't wait to see how my hair looks in a couple months!!

  • FranciMD - helpful for weight loss

    This product is a stimulant formulation (from Betel) which helps with appetite suppression and energy level. If used as directed, it does help with impulse control and cravings. I was able to lose an additional 5# when I started to use it, and I am now at goal weight. Please understand, long term, maintainable weight loss comes from behavioral change, not just pills.

  • Patty - Great tasting. Any kid would love

    I got a great price on amazon, my 10, 8 and 3 year old son love the taste. I have to admit, I even love them. They taste like regular gummies. If you are looking for vitamins that you won't have to force the kids to eat this is it.