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  • EisNinE - An Ergonomic Handle and Razor-Sharp Blade Make For A Great Hunting-Utility Knife

    It's only since I started buying more expensive, 'cutting edge' brands that I've come to appreciate Buck knives again. I kind of took it for granted that the materials Buck uses, specifically the 420 HC stainless steel, is inferior to the newer and/or more expensive steels that other companies favor. But going back and comparing knives like the Buck Kalinga, Nighthawk, and this one, the Omni Hunter, I was shocked by how sharp these blades are. I haven't subjected them to the tortures, both planned and incidental, that people like to put their blades through, I just collect knives for the hell of it. The Buck knives, including the Omni Hunter, haven't been sharpened since I took them out of the box, but they performed as well on a low impact test on paper, cardboard and 2L pop-bottles as most of the pricier ones, sometimes better. The full-tang pistol-grip and rubberized thermoplastic make for a perfectly ergonomic handle, especially combined with the jimping that extends from the top of the handle to the spine of the 1/8th-thick blade. It feels like it's locked into your hand. This is a heavy-duty knife, with a hollow-grind that starts at 1-inch and narrows to a half-inch, with a typical 20-degree edge added afterward. It makes for a razor-sharp knife ideal for skinning, but excellent for virtually any cutlery application you can think of.

  • Riallisa - Tougher than it loo! ks

    So the powder mixes into a shake and you drink the shake twice a day to loose weight. On the plus side, the powder does taste pretty much like cake batter - so that's a good point. Although it does mix with water or milk or whatever, there are always some lumps left. This makes the drinking of the shakes sort of gross if you hate lumps but okay if don't mind the lumps. The shakes are pretty filling if you mix them with at least 16 ounces of milk or whatever. They curb your appetite for about three hours realistically.

  • Rhonda - Nice but Narrow

    I ordered a half size up based on other reviews and these were too big. They seemed very true to size except that they are a bit narrow and because tongue is sewed in place, a wider foot is a bit of a squeeze. Nice comfy casual sneaker but just not for my wider foot.

  • Lydia C. Bush - There are not adequate words...

    For learning how to dance with The Trinity except for Divine. I am thankful to God for His Presence that brought me to know The Joy of now through Jesus. This book gives me hope for God's Creation to have a heavenly life in this world.

  • Amazon Customer - Give it a Try - It's Helping Me Even When I'm Bad. :-)

    Let me first start by saying that I am NOT a distributor. Also, I only recommend products I like (because I don't like to bash products that don't work for me).