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  • Mark J. Murphy - Avoid this software!

    I have used Family Tree Maker for years, but after getting a Windows 7, 64 bit computer I had no choice but to move to FTM 2012. My first impression was, "What happened!" The screens are a mess. They have tried to jam every possible feature into one screen. The fonts were so small it was difficult to read. Then I tried to import my existing file from an earlier version, a file with thousands of names, into FTM12. The content of fields ended up in other fields. I had the statistics report from my earlier version with number of individuals, families etc. so I could check on the success of the import. I couldn't find a comparable statistics report available in FTM12. I have no idea how much of my file successfully imported. The only way to know would be to compare item by item. I have multiple backups so nothing is lost except the price of this trash. Now I'm looking for something to replace FTM. It was a great program before - clean and simple with great charting. Too bad.

  • aosbo001 - Overall Great Product for Eliminating Electromagnetic Frequencies!

    I really believe that this mat helps to eliminate Electromagnetic frequencies. I work at a computer all day and I am also surrounded by other computers and electrical equipment for several hours each day. This mat seems to discharge the electromagnetic frequencies or keep them away so that I do not feel them in my body. If I forget to use the mat while at work, then I will make sure that I use it for a while when I have a free moment. The mat is very versatile. You can use it under your feet while sitting in a chair or at a computer, under your arm resting on a desk while writing, typing, or using the mouse at the computer, put it under your feet while watching television, or lay on it in your bed at night, although the company that sells them also sells bed-sized mats. Overall, this is a great product!