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  • Jess-CRDH - Worth of penny

    So I will disclose that I am a dental hygienist at the begining of this review. I have tried a ton of different floss and I have had my favorites. But this is a game changer. It is amazing how much more plaque this removes over my other favorites. This will be my new go to floss to recommend.

  • Nawatha M. Hall - Good selection

    This product was a perfect fit for me. The design is the same as my bank register. Therefore, it works well when the original book runs out.


    Damn near plug and play. Plugged everything in, loaded the CD ROM Software, rebooted my computer, attempted to log into my email account and BAM! Nothing. Well, no one ever mentioned, or I did not see or remember it, that you have to call your Cable Internet Service Provider so that they can activate your hardware by identifying, cataloging it and configuring a signal to send out to your unit. Once this is complete, this baby was ready to go and works wonderfully. All passcodes, keys and ID numbers are located either on the bottom or the side of the unit so its all there to present and provide to other WIFI members in your household or network.

  • Erin - Not to good

    Not exactly the best study guide. There is a lot more information you need to know when taking the HESI. The book is decently organized. I would maybe buy it for someone thinking about going to nursing school to see what an ending exam could be like but not for a nursing student I have received this product at a discount for my honest and unbiased opinion.

  • Larry Thomas - No more hanging Christmas Lights!!!

    I have been hanging Christmas lights on my houses for many many years. I love the way they look, but got tired of all the work. Putting them on gutters and up high on ladders, along with lights that burn out and won't stay lit, well you know what I mean. No More Hanging Lights. This laser light is absolutely fantastic. It lights up the whole front of the house and even the neighbors tree behind the house. It's GREAT!. I have a normal size ranch house with a 1 car attached garage. I think it is around 40 feet wide and the laser is about twenty five feet a way. I attached it to the mail box post. It covers the whole house.With the remote I can operate it from inside the house by pointing it through the front window. You can change the speed at which the lights blink and you can pick either all red or all green or both at the same time. Like I said, I'm done hanging lights. I think I will get another on that has blue. They are more expensive but with this one added to it I will have one lit up house. I received this product at a discount for my honest review. I don't give five star reviews unless the product deserves it. This product deserves a ten star!!. I will buy from this seller again.

  • Joel G. - Great quality.

    Good quality cover. Not sure how it will hold up for south Florida weather but for the last couple of months is been great.

  • J Bike Rider - I used this for 1 month and I did get ...

    I used this for 1 month and I did get pregnant. However, I only saw the ferns on day 3 of my period, not when I was actually ovulating. Around the time when I ovulated I saw only dots. I don't see how this can be helpful.