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  • Danny Drummond - all things I wanted to know and more

    I have made standard spreadsheets for years but always wanted to learn formulas. This teaches that and much more. Well worth the money.

  • Amazon Customer - FANTASTIC!

    I have used this product for a very long time, it is the best texturizing product on the market (IMO)....and it smells AMAZING!!! Product received as shown and with 2 days. Very happy!! Will buy again since it's cheaper here than it is at the store.

  • Rebecca Hoover - Works

    I was going insane with hot flashes both night and day. I also was having issues with weight loss. The hot flashes have stopped and I have been able to loose 18lbs. Wohoo for me...

  • Amazon Customer - NOT FOR ME...

    The first week it seemed to clear my mild acne. The second week my face itched like crazy! This product also irritated my neck. The third and final week of using this product my face broke out horribly. I havent seen my face that bad since high school. Iexpected such great things because of the positive reviews. I know it says to give it time but I couldn't take the itching, severe breakouts and oily moisturizer. I have oily skin and this moisturizer made my face super oily. I recently purchased a new product which caters to women of color. Hopefully this works because I've seen great reviews and it's made for African American skin. I'll still keep this product or maybe give it to my sister.

  • wade salmond - Brilliant!

    Short and succinct! In just over 100 pages I learned that Adolf Hitler was a very moderate, balanced, caring and compassionate man in comparison to Corey Bernardi. and Tony Abbott!

  • M. S. Mariano - Smells really good but after opening it easily loses the scent doesn't ...

    Smells really good but after opening it easily loses the scent doesn't last more than 6 months. Also noticeable change in the consistency it becomes watery after 6 months, which is not good since a big tube like this should last you for a year or so.

  • Kenneth G. - Not worth upgrading until they work out the bugs...

    Some nice features, and ability to customize. However, the software is VERY VERY buggy. I constantly get errors with the sync feature. Windows that pop-up to either allow you to fill information or get help suddenly disappear behind other windows. Very annoying. Did not have nearly as many problems with my older version. Would not recommend buying.