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  • Everything you should know about Green Nail Syndrome - Green nail syndrome is a nail infection that is caused by a bacterium known as Pseudomonas aeruginosa and cannot be classified as a fungal infection.
  • Nail Fungal Infections and Yoffee Clear - Purity Nails Yoffee Clear formula, is an optimal topical solution for killing the nail fungus that contains natural ingredients. It is an unique mixture of
  • How to use Tea Tree Oil to Get Rid of Toenail Fungus - The use of tea tree oil is the most trusted method for treating nail fungus at home. Tea tree oil has been used as an antiseptic and antimicrobial treatment for
  • Acrylic Nail Fungus Causes and Treatment Tips - Fingernail fungus is the most widespread problem associated with acrylic nails. Acrylic nail fungus usually occurs when acrylic nails are inadequately fitted.
  • Top 5 Homeopathic Toenail Fungus Treatments Review - Here is a review of the best homeopathic toenail fungus treatment available today. These top 5 products are: Zetaclear™, Nail-Rx™, FUNGINIX™, PurNail™ and
  • Zetaclear™ Nail Fungus Relief Overview - Zetaclear™ Homeopathic Nail Fungus Treatment. Zetaclear is remedy for nail fungus that has two formulations: a topical solution and a spray, is an Over-The
  • Laser Treatment for Toenail Fungus - Costs and Effects - Laser treatment for Onychomycosis or toenail fungus the cutting edge on toe nail care works by applying a focused beam of light (laser) directly onto infected
  • How you Can Stop Toenail Fungus From Spreading - Stopping toenail fungi from spreading to your other nails is an exercise in dealing with a contagious situation. Yes, the fungus is contagious and if allowed it
  • Black Toenail Fungus Causes, Symptoms, Treatment and Prevention - Black toenail fungus is highly infectious. Black toenail occurs due to the trauma or the injury of the toenail bed, can occur on a fingernail as well. Black or
  • How Does Vicks Vapor Rub Help to Cure Toenail Fungus - One way of treating toenail fungus is Vicks Vapor Rub. Vicks Vapor Rub has become a very popular home remedy for this infection in recent years despite the fact
  • How to Treat Toenail Fungus - Nail Fungus - Toenail fungus is an embarrassing infection. It causes the nails to discolor and the nails to become odorous. In chronic situations, you can lose the infected
  • Types of Onychomycosis - Nail Fungus - Onychomycosis, or as it's more informally known, a finger or toenail fungal infection, manifests in two predominant types. Distal subungual onychomycosis ,
  • Toenail Fungus Symptoms - Nail Fungus - The medical term for toenail fungus is Onychomycosis. It is a fungal disease in which fungi enters and inhabits the sub-nail region, which changes the condition
  • Foot Fungus - Nail Fungus - The most common foot fungus is athlete’s foot. Athlete’s foot is most common on the skin between toes but can affect the entire foot including toenails.
  • Nail Fungus Prevention - Nail Fungus - The best nail fungus prevention is the proper care and hygiene of your feet and hands. Nail fungus prevention starts with keeping your nails trimmed and clean.
  • Nail Fungus Treatment - Nail Fungus - Nail fungus treatment can be difficult and unfortunately repeat infections are bound to happen. You can try over-the-counter creams but they really don’t work
  • Nail Fungus Home Remedies - Nail Fungus - One of the most effective nail fungus home remedies is the use of tea tree oil. Tea tree oil is a natural fungicide that will kill nail fungus on contact.
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