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  • Leonard smith - This is really a fun thing to have on your C6 Corvette And I ...

    This is really a fun thing to have on your C6 Corvette And I can quiet the exhaust down when I come home in the evening and not disturb the neighbors

  • Lucia - 1 ounce will not last a month-

    The issue I have with this product is that it only come in a 1 fl ounce size which is not enough-I prefer to buy a larger size that will last a month and not a week without the hassle of re-ordering so often-I won't purchase No7 in the future unless they can come up with a larger amount. (especially if your covering your whole face and neck) 1 ounce just won't do it.

  • tabularasa - This is the real Stefani Germanotta aka Lady Gaga.

    This, I feel, is the real Lady Gaga, a la Stefani Germanotta. A quick look up of her music prior to her becoming "Mother Monster" and this was the style of music she performed. I don't need the meat dress, the crazy wigs, the hit-me-over-the-head shock and awe, I need Lady Gaga to be true to herself and be the woman she is inside her heart and soul. I've been a fan from the beginning and I've loved all her styles and progressions, musically and artistically because at that moment in time, whatever she did, she felt passionate about, including the "ill-conceived" jazz album she did with Tony Bennett, which I absolutely loved (and I hate jazz but I love Lady Gaga). Vocally, Lady Gaga's voice is one of the best I've ever heard. Strong. Powerful. Passionate. Beautiful. There's something about the songs, the way her voice sings the lyrics that expose parts of her that she's kept buried, her pain, her triumph, her loneliness, her desire and her hope for the world. Lady Gaga is so much more than people ever give her credit for and I absolutely love this album.

  • Tammy - So cuddly!

    We got this bear included with an order of Christmas gifts in December 2014. He is So soft and cuddly and is now very well loved.

  • Amazon Customer - I really like it but it's not an everyday thing for me

    I generally wear untinted sunscreen only so this stuff offers some significant coverage. I sometimes mix it with untinted sunscreen to lessen the coverage. I really like it but it's not an everyday thing for me.

  • Brian - Solid all mountain board built for speed

    If you have ever owned a capita board you know you are getting a quality product when you buy from this company. As far as this board goes, I love it, I have very little to criticize. This is definitely an all mountain board, I don't really dabble in the parks anymore but I know this board would perform well on jumps, rails, boxes. I have not yet tried this board in powder but I expect it will do well, even with it's stiffness, which is considerable. Above all though, this board is built for speed and free riding, which suits me perfectly. This thing wants to go fast and it does with ease. The only reason I didn't give this board 5 stars is because it doesn't offer the amount control I would like that my standard camber capita stairmaster would. I expect this is because the board does have some reverse camber to it as a hybrid type board. Transitions from edge to edge are smooth, but again the total control isn't as good as my camber boards but as a whole this board is more forgiving. Great board though, can't recommend capita's enough.

  • 7th day Sabbath - 2012 Diamondback Overdrive Comp

    First off was looking for a full suspension 29er. Tested the Trek Rumblefish and Superfly 100 and then the top dog on my list, the Santa Cruz Tall boy. I still intend on purchasing the Tallboy but at $3,000 I'll need to save for that. Plus I need a bike for my wife. So I either get one for myself or buy a cheaper 29er and get her one. Enter the Diamondback Overdrive Comp 2012 version. I found mine for a steal of a deal still in the box at $489! I was told to look longer and purchase a Cannondale, Specialized, or Trek. Well I looked at these and for the price of the Comp these other big companies couldn't compete with what Diamondback has on the their bikes in the hardtail 29er version. Components are good, but not the best but I'd say better than average. The saddle is a bit hard and I will probably replace this. The bike on the trail handles exceptionally well. Again all I have to compare this too was the full suspension 29ers I was spending much time on. The last one being the the Tallboy by Santa Cruz, an expensive boutique bike that is rated as one of the best. In comparison to the FS bikes I was pleasantly surprised by the Comp. This bike can climb! In rock gardens, turns, or anything this bike can handle it. I've shown it to may people and they are really surprised at the weight of the bike. It's lighter than I expected. I thought it was going to be very heavy but it's actually very manageable. Of course its not as light as the Santa Cruz or the Superfly 100 but seemed about a light as the Trek rumblefish. I do like Schimano components and SRAm for me is taking some getting used to but thats a small thing. It shifts very well and accurately. Most of the other big companies have a 29er in a hard tail, but like I said they don't offer what DB does for the price, and as I tested their bikes the DB Comp 29er performs better than their 29er hardtails! I think sometimes you are paying for the name on these other 29er hard tails.