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  • neoliberalismkills: neoliberalismkills:... - communism will prevail - neoliberalismkills: “ neoliberalismkills: “ neoliberalismkills: “ PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE HELP A NON-BINARY, MENTALLY ILL, DISABLED, QUEER COUPLE IN A SERIOUS FINANCIAL BIND WITH TIME ON OUR BAD SIDE...
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  • Kathy Young - Hoyle Puzzle and Board Games

    I just bought the Hoyle Puzzle and Board Games 2011 and can't run Panic, remembrance, sudoku, big bang brain games. Never had any problems with Hoyle when it was Sierra but things are not the same with Encore?? I gave away all my old Hoyle games and after my computer needed a new motherboard etc I bought the new Hoyle game this week and none of the added puzzles work. I will not buy another Hoyle Game again!! There is no support for the game and when I tried on line the tech from wanted money for the solution...

  • anisha wilson - No work even put it on after a shower I applied

    Nope it don't work for me I did this after a shower and still nothing I did it every day and still nothing it came nicely it came fast had to have somebody sit by because they'll just leave the package there so like I said the cream does not work for all that I would have the marks gone already or at least somewhat disappear and none of my marks of disappeared this stuff didn't really work for me at all and I have deep wounds like not even that deep but I'm talking about scars and they don't go away because using this cream up and keep on buying this product for it to disappear no I haven't seen even a little with smart disappear I will never buy this product again I really would like to buy something else and rather than sit there and use that cream it was a good texter and everything that's why I gave it a star could a texter but everything else I didn't do that's why I gave it to stars and because I like the texture in the snow but I'm not giving you any other stores because the fact is it didn't do it it said it was going to do

  • cara osborn - A fast holiday read.

    I am a big fan of Debbie Macomber and her holiday books. A very cute holiday story, a bit predictable, but nevertheless very enjoyable. Twelve Days of Christmas can't compare to her holiday angels, but still a good holiday story. This would be a great experiment to try, kill everyone with kindness.

  • Amazon Customer - Sounds like a scam to me

    I wouldn't even give it 1 star, but you have to. After my niece installed it, I get an e-mail from McAfee I have to pay $25.99 to renew my 30 day trial membership. No. Read what you buy. After 1 1/2 hours on the phone through Amazon it finally comes down to a voice on the other end that will activate what I purchased after I give him my credit card # and permission to have access to my computer. I don't think so. Sounds like a scam to me, so I just let it go. Rather lose $20.00 than find out my bank account has been wiped out. DO NOT BUY ANTI VIRUS PROGRAMS that are offered. It's just not right.