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  • ELeigh - Two cats peeing no longer an issue

    We have two cats and with the birth of our second child they started to pee on the basement carpet - always in the same corner. We had them tested for a UTI and results came back negative. The vet said it was a behavior and we tried moving the litter boxes, tried new types of litter, nothing worked. We cleaned and cleaned and ended up ripping the carpet up and replacing. Before the new stuff went down we bleached and Kilzed the cement floor. New carpet was laid and they continued to do it - we knew then it was for sure a behavior. We were at our wits end and sick over the fact we had to get rid of our beloved cats. We decided to try the Diffusers and the collars as a last ditch effort. We have had these both in place for almost three months and replace them when we are required to do so (every 30 days). The replacement was getting spendy at the store and Amazon has the best price we could find. Since we implemented the diffusers and collars we have not smelled or noticed any pee on the carpet and our cats seem calmer and more relaxed and much happier!

  • Lilacs - Smells nice

    This is a first time purchase for me. So far so good. I feel confident that it will be a good purchase for me.

  • keith504 - Did they really give away 30 of these bags to get a 5 star rating ONLY from those particular "customers"..?

    What is with the multitude of reviews with disclosures for testing a free item..? So basically this 5 star rated item was paid to have 5 stars.