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  • dirty dan - Great all in one product for recovery!

    I've been a fan of Muscletech for years. I've tried many different supplements and most don't do anything, I'd get better results from placebos. I usually use Celltech for gaining muscle, and on average gain 10 lbs per cycle of 3-4 months but figured I'd try a protein supplement this time. This has Anabolic Halo has creatine and protein and all the other BCAAs and what not I need so I didn't need 10 bottles of pills and bottles. I feel great the next day after lifting heavy and recover 4 times faster and almost no soreness after working out which is amazing. Now I am able to work the same muscle group more often and am seeing small results already after a couple weeks. I only wish is had a couple more grams of Creatine and maybe a little more protein per serving so I use 2 scoops because I am 6'4 200 lbs so it's a little hard for me to get enough protein and calories, as I am a hard gainer. So basically a container only last 2 weeks so I subscribed to 2 bottles per month, but those are my only complaints. I expect 90% of products aren't made for people my size so I'm used to it.

  • Chelle - Used as directed, this device works!

    I am Asian with Fair-Medium skin and dark, coarse hair. I have used this device on different parts of my body, face and neck included, and can say that it really does work. I'm ashamed to admit that I was never dedicated to using this device as I should've been ($$$ down the drain with the cartridges!) because had I followed the instructions correctly, I should be hair-free by now! The most success I've had with this hair removal device is on my pits and my fingers (I had hair on my fingers near the knuckles that I wasn't happy about). The lighter the skin and darker the hair, the more effective the device. The product is also not recommended for use on the face but I found it effective for the chin, jaw, and neck area. Just be careful not to go on too high of a setting due to risk of burning yourself. So far I've never had any problems but highest I've gone was a level 3 out of 5.