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  • EnviralDesign - great filament, incredibly consistent, hasn't jammed or clogged on me yet!

    I use my 3d printer to manufacture low - medium quantity of parts for products I sell - and I have settled on IC3D's 3mm black ABS and have absolutely loved it. I've cranked out hundreds and hundreds of parts with no issues, great layer adhesion, very consistent diameter, and very smooth finishes to the print.

  • Melanie Turnbull - Love/Hate Relatuonship with I'm Judging You: LOVE-LOVE relationship with Luvvie

    I'll start by saying that I'm a part of Luvvie's online community and I usually hang on to her every word because she's an undeniable genius. However, I struggled through this book. The number of metaphors used for minor topics and subtopics was mentally exhausting. BUT! The book had many funny moments and I laughed and highlighted my way through it. I didn't really gain new insight from this book ,which was disappointing, probably because I share ALL of the same views as the author. I had to constantly remind myself that her revelations should be applauded because it's not common knowledge even if I found it basic. I would describe this book as a carefree, scattered, brainstorming session. But I think that could be refreshing in this mundane world of order and structure. I loved and hated this book, with a way stronger lean towards love. Overall, i will still buy anything she ever writes, but I was hoping for a little more with this one.

  • I love Amazon 2 - Make sure to measure for a correct fit

    I ordered the Mava Knee Sleeves for a relative of mine who is dedicated to working out. Make sure that you measure the circumference of the knee area to get the correct fit. Don't order smaller thinking the compression is going to be any better because it will not and you will be stuck with something you can not wear. I love the fact that these sleeves come in different colors. I picked the red. The next thing I like about the product is the fact that you are actually receiving a pair of the sleeves. So many other vendors sell only one sleeve at a time. My relative indicated that the sleeves were easy to put on and one good tug assured a great fit. He indicated that while he went through his workout at the gym the sleeves were comfortable and did not get in the way of his workout. He enjoys the knee sleeves so much that he is wearing them now as recovery sleeves after his workout and during basketball games. He indicated he would rather hand wash these sleeves and they have held up after several washing I received this product for free or at a discounted price in exchange for my honest review.

  • Alfred - Beginners into to Access

    Maybe I have unrealistic expectations - but so much of the book is devoted to very basic items and so little of the book is devoted to software development. Almost no discussion of Access classes or calling API's; only a token consideration of programming in Access. In my opinion, this book would be excellent for someone not very familiar with Access 2010 that wants to build a database and use standard features to enter data, query it, and produce reports. This book is not quite right for the experienced software developer that wants to use an underlying programming methodology to have precise control and develop professional-looking applications that require no user training.

  • penname1582 - Helped with acne, skin tone

    I have struggled with acne for over 10 years. I had been looking into alternative treatments because nothing worked and found an article about applying extra moisturizer to attempt to halt the amount of oil your skin produces.