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  • Cherryblossom511 - Works great!

    Fits my uppababy vista (earlier model) perfectly. The tray sits a little high, so might not be the right height for less than a year.. But my 1 year old loves it for snacking on the go. also easy to clean.

  • J. Bush - I love this product and am so thankful to have found ...

    Holy smokes! I've finally found the holy grail for curing cystic acne! I'm a 36 year old mom who has struggled with the emotional and sometimes physical pain of cystic acne for years! I've taken antibiotics, spironolactone, done laser treatments and used every topical under the sun. Nothing has worked, until now!! I love this product and am so thankful to have found it!

  • Lyric_360 - Heaven Sent

    I absolutely loveeee this product. So, much I ordered 10 lbs and I've shared it with many people. It's fine wonders for detoxing and cleaning my colon. I've only been on it a month. But my nails ate beautiful in length and sheen and my hair!! Wow, the length is increasing quickly and the texture is gorgeous!!

  • American Gothic - Fits well, no blue stripe on the black pair, air out before wearing

    We ordered the black pair of sleeves in XXL at the recommendation of Mava's customer service. My husband's knee fits in the XXL range but his calf is about an inch and a half larger than the maximum knee measurement due to years of bicycle racing in younger years so he was concerned he might not be able to pull the sleeve over his calf. The good news is he can pull it on over his calf. It takes a little effort, but once it's over his calf, it fits well.

  • Bekker - Saved me $75 on a new Macbook cord

    I'd read about this stuff but never tried it until the power cord for my Macbook suddenly one day looked like an animal had been chewing on it -- only there are no animals here. So I used the white Sugru to fix it. Rolled some out flat and wrapped it around the damaged cord and on up to cover the edge of the little cylindrical part of the magnetic plug. Rolled the cord between my hands to sort of even it all out.

  • Lawren Smith - Knee problems better

    I had what is referred to as a "runner's knee". I was running 5 miles on my treadmill 5 days a week, but then started to have knee problems that prevented me from running.

  • Nikki W. - Amazing product.

    I'm not sure where I got this or how I ended up with it but I've had it under my cabinet for probably quite sometime now. I was looking for hair spray the other day and it was right in front of me and so I decided to give it a try. Had I known how awesome this product was I never would have had this under my cabinet for so long it would have been gone that very same month... I don't know how long it would have taken to use but I would have used it all.