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  • Glory Dietrich - MIRACLE IN A BOTTLE!!!

    Lately I have been suffering with UTI's. I read about AZO and that "what the heck!" I started taking two every morning and from the first day my UTI symptoms went away. I will never be without a bottle of AZO! What a relief. Give it a try!!

  • C. Bloomer - Vacuum Snob

    I have never owned a stick vac before so this is my first experience and have nothing to compare it to. With that said, it has met my expectations. I purchased it specifically to vacuum the never ending "stuff" on my wood floors. With 4 boys in the house I vacuum every day - no fail! I was tired of dragging out my fav vacuum of 5 years to do a quick job and I wanted something better then the ordinary broom. [as a side not - I purchased an Aerus Electrolux canister (not the same as Electrolux) for about $1200 5 years ago. I figured if it could last 5 years then I'd be ahead even for all of the crappy vacuums I'd ultimately buy through the years and toss out. This bar none has been an amazing vacuum]. Anyway, I like the ease of the Linx and the power is just fine. At first I was trying to vacuum too quickly because I was afraid of the short life of the battery so I couldn't be the obsessive vacuumer as I know we all are that are posting our comments here. Luckily the battery hasn't been an issue because my expectations are simply to keep my wood floor clean and maybe touch up some on the adjoining carpets. I would like one for my upstairs but for the price I just can't justify it. It looks like the price is going down based on Amazon's price listed today.

  • Sasha McBride - Best Thermometer

    My kids love this thermometer! best thermometer i ever bought, it's so much easier to take my 4 olds temps since he hates to have it taken. Green: normal temperature, orange: low grade temperature, red: high temperature. One thing I like about this thermometer is that you can use the ear probe Or use the thermometer on the temple across the forehead for bigger kids that will sit still. Disclaimer: I bought this product at a discounted rate to get my honest review.

  • Michael Dawson - It's like the Simon Scarrow

    This is splendid book. Roman (ish) legions, magic, battle scenes, a grim bastard as the lead character... It's like the Simon Scarrow, Cato and Macro books before they jumped the shark....

  • SillyGirl71 - using the product seemed AMAZING so I said

    I can honestly say, I became a brand partner a little over a year ago. At first, using the product seemed AMAZING so I said, why not?! Now, first of all if you do get involved it's like a total cult mentality-no lie. They're a bit nuts with it and if someone tries to sell you that "I love making my own hours and working when I want to so I can be with my family.." it's crap! Funny, these people say they have time freedom but want you on calls and events every week on evenings and weekends,...FAMILY TIME! Now to the product. About three months ago it stopped working for me. I mean, dead stop. My crows feet were awful, the frown line and laugh lines deeper, so I asked my friend who signed me up and I got "could have been a bad batch. Open a new bottle." Still nothing. Went to my medspa and got botox (which actually does work miracles! lol) and the doctor and I discussed it and he told me that in some people it WILL work great for a LIMITED time due to the fact that the oleander tends to cause inflammation. When you're inflamed and "puffy" it decreases the appearance of wrinkles. Over time, I built up a tolerance (just as you would to a medication you take daily) and the swelling decreased more and more...showing the wrinkles. 100% honesty, I get better results with the Neutrogena Ageless Intensives line. All their products are great and inexpensive. By the way, all the other ingredients in Nerium are laughable and common and found in EVERY OTC moisturizer. I feel like a bad person for calling out a company I've been affiliated with but I would say don't bother and DEF don't get roped into the "business". Oh and if you HATE network marketing "catch phrases" like "you're on FIRE" and "You don't want to miss this ride!" you will want to beat all of them senseless :)

  • Jamie Cooper - BROKEN, Right out of the box!

    We received this as a Christmas gift (purchased from Amazon). We finally got in to "chilled wine season" and decided to put it to use this evening for an impromptu date night at home. Sadly, that will have to happen without wine, because it does nothing other than blink that it's ready.

  • Sherrian Gutzwiller - great read fun and leaves you wanting more

    Loved this book and the second one. I can't wait for the third one. If you like books about werewolves, dragons elves etc. Plus family, great friends and also those who don't like you then you'll like this book