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  • Lindsay Wylie - Align actually WORKS

    I've tried tons of supposed "cures" before - Zelnorm never worked for me, and neither have over-the-counter medication. Special teas and other foods just made me even sicker, and I finding meals every night that wouldn't leave me in pain was quite the chore. Align was a last-ditch effort for me, and I am absolutely floored by it. Within a couple of days of taking it, I noticed a difference, and a week later, I'd never felt better since I was a teenager. With the exception of chocolate (alas!), all of my previous trigger foods no longer affect me. If I were a religious person, I'd almost want to call this a miracle. If you have IBS or other digestive conditions, and your doctor does NOT seem to really take you seriously (mine kept attributing my condition to anxiety, when anyone who knows me knows that I am extremely laid-back and stress-free), then you should definitely try Align.

  • Brandon - A-okay

    Reception is much worse even in the city. Since I don't listen to AM/FM radio I'm not concerned. This was purely for looks and to get rid of some giant rocking antenna that came from the factory. I have noticed zero noise increase inside the cab at highway speeds and it still works the same as day one after several months.

  • Amazon Customer - Shapeshifter dragons - who are aliens....

    Aliens who are shapeshifter dragons, living in space until they find their mate - unexpectedly and sometimes thinking undeservedly...then of course there are the ones who work against anyone's else's happiness...but they can't win! Great story, aliens dragons, mermen - and love!

  • Dorene Kleba - Wonderful...

    I saw this in a magazine about handymen. Thought I would try it and was quite happy with the results!!!!

  • thehouseofscott - Not as good as Publisher 2003

    Over the years I've used many versions of MS Publisher and always loved it. The 2013 version however is disappointing. There are many, many gripes I have with this version. I particularly don't like trying to change any picture; with Publisher 2003 you just double clicked it and it took you straight to a last directory you used, click the new picture and you we're done. With Publisher 2013 you have to right click the picture, select change picture, select change picture once more, select browse and force it to go your local directory, select the new picture and then without asking it puts a copy of the old picture off page and zooms back out to whole page view with both the old and new pictures selected. Terrible! What used to be quick is now slow and laborious. You'll end up continuously zooming back in to adjust the picture you were working on. There are no options to turn off this awful feature off. I honestly regret purchasing this version of Publisher.

  • Cherline Pierre - Its okay

    I didn't see a difference but I wasn't consistent. Used it nightly for 2 weeks. Product has a smooth application