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  • Holistic Dentist Melbourne | Holistic Dentistry - Holistic dentistry aspires to create harmony within the mouth and recapture your general well-being. Visit our holistic dentists in Melbourne’s CBD today!
  • Dr Roman Lohyn’s Articles on Mercury Free Dentistry - Dr Roman Lohyn has published many articles about amalgam free dentistry and mercury removal as he is one of the premier experts in this field in Melbourne.
  • Melbourne Amalgam Free Dentistry | Mercury Removal - Dental amalgam mercury toxicity is an issue for your health. Dr Lohyn at Optimal Dental is an expert in this field and has published an array of articles.
  • Teeth Whitening Melbourne CBD | Zoom Teeth Whitening - Teeth whitening Melbourne CBD- Through the innovative technique ZOOM whitening treatment, Dr Lohyn will help you achieve a bright & healthy smile. Call us.
  • Dental Implants Melbourne | Dental Implants Cost - If you have a lost or badly damaged tooth, Optimal Dental in Melbourne offers dental implants to restore your smile. Contact us in the Melbourne CBD.
  • Veneers Melbourne | Cosmetic Porcelain Veneers - As a popular solution for chipped teeth or crooked teeth, porcelain veneers provide a natural and healthy look. Visit our Melbourne CBD practice today.
  • Ceramic Restorations (CEREC) | Complete in One Visit - An impressive new technique in our Melbourne clinic is Ceramic Restorations. They work to solve your oral condition, but also look and feel like real teeth!
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