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  • James K. Beard - Workable Backup Solutions, Executive Control of your Boot Drive

    Acronis backup solutions are user-configured. The configuration that works best for me keeps the total size of backup storage at about the size of the data on the boot drive. This allows me to use an inexpensive two-HD slow RAID on my desktop for backup. I had a boot disk failure last year and recovered 100% of the data on a bootable HD using Acronis, valid as of my last rotating backup.

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    This is the single greatest creation of the last 100 years, besides air conditioning of course. If you are reading this and planing on having a baby you had better think long and hard about how much you value your sleep and sanity. If it's already too late for you like it is for me then you need to buy the MamaRoo. My 5 week old would only sleep if you were holding him and walking around with constant motion. If you even thought about putting him down in the bassinet he would start to scream. So my wife suggested we buy a bouncy seat. She went to Toys R Us and got a $50 bouncer. When we put it together all it did was vibrate and the baby hated it. I told my wife "I should build a seat that moves side to side and up and down to mimic the motions we were doing while holding the baby" and she said "oh they have it, It's called the MamaRoo but it's too expensive." I said "I don't care I'll pay anything to get this baby to stop crying or I'm going to kill myself." I immediately ordered it from Amazon and it has saved my life. If this thing cost $500 I would buy it. Why are you still reading my review just add it to your cart and pay for it. Every second you waste thinking about it is another second of sleep lost. You can thank me in the comments under this review after you try it. You're welcome.

  • Isabella - Fast hydration; convinced this skeptic after 3 months

    I've been using this product for 5 months now. I have dry skin and normally am dehydrated. The test for dehydration is whether my lips are chapped. Within a couple of days of starting this product, my lips were no longer chapped. Then, over the next few weeks, my skin became more hydrated. Chapstick and moisturizers became a luxury not a necessity for my skin.