Orkestra Instituto Vasco de Competitividad - Centro de Investigación en Competitividad Territorial y Políticas impulsado por la Universidad de Deusto. Realizamos una investigación transformadora que nos convierte en agente de cambio para mejorar la competitividad del País Vasco.

Country:, Europe, ES

City: -3.7026 Madrid, Spain

  • Mara - Excellent item

    My younger sisters had high chairs like this and I set out to buy one for visiting babies so I didn't have a largely useless piece of furniture cluttering my house. This one had the best reviews and they are well deserved. The chair is sturdy and comfortable, fits securely to the table, and is of good quality. I'd recommend it to anyone.

  • Mrs. Pib - Mop substitute, not scrubbing substitute

    I have very old, very dirty linoleum in my kitchen. It wasn't maintained well by its previous owner and, because it looks so bad, I've always felt that cleaning it was a game of diminishing returns. It's a self-perpetuating cycle of neglect. Cleaning it doesn't get it very clean, even when I'm hand scrubbing the bejesus out of it, so I never bother to clean it that well.

  • G Coats - Yes!!

    Nicole Jackson always delivers and never disappoints!! Loved every page of Keyasia and Wake!! And I'm ready for the next one!!! Awesome read

  • Philip L Ball - great budget upgrade

    this product is really tricky to install. Not the removal of the stuff to get where it goes but the actual installation of the bolts into the original holes. It requires a good bit of flexing because it doesnt mount to a flat surface. But once you get it installed it really does firm up the shifter feel. You ought to do the front bushing as well (circular) which firms up the front to back movement, this rear bushing firms up the side to side movement.

  • Heidi - Snap and Go!

    My husband and I purchased this snap in to go onto our BOB stroller. It is so simple and easy to snap in and fits our carseat amazingly! I would definitely recommend this to a friend.