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  • AncientGeek - Warm hands all day

    I have owned two of these hand warmers for several years and purchased two more this month. I have Raynaud's, and my fingers are very vulnerable to cold temperatures. I originally used these for outdoor sports, but now I've started using them on all cold days. I start them in the morning, let them get good and hot and then place them in the pouch. I keep them in the pockets of my jacket all day. When I'm walking outside, I can keep my hands nice and warm in my pockets or I can put on my nice warm gloves that are in my pockets next to the hand warmers all day.

  • Elizabeth Gunnerson - Justice for All

    Great read. Multi-dimensional characters. I thought since I like it so well I'd try one of his Joe Dillard series but found it lacking - much darker. Hopefully he steps it up to get off that character, the sexual behaviors, etc. and bring his writing level back up where this book is.

  • Mike Armes - 404 Error: Humans Not Viable [initialize elimination]

    I hate this thing. When it was delivered to my house, I plugged it in to my computer and began downloading its firmware. Soon it began asking me to setup my profile info. That's when it got too personal. The Wenger 16999 started using my information to begin online conversations with radical extremist. After which it became self-aware. I have not seen my Wenger 16999 in over 2 days now, and I'm pretty sure it stole my car.

  • Gearz - Nice Fit And Form

    The mats are on the expensive side but they fit the truck perfectly. I bought the front and rear mats and maybe by the winter I can afford the rear cargo mat. I guess you get what you pay for. I have had Husky floor liners in my other truck for 7 years and they work good but the rubber is getting stiff and worn out but they have done a great job for there age.

  • Joel Alcaraz - Better than Kaspersky

    My family has been using Kaspersky for the past two years. I switched after Kaspersky started to lag my PCs and laptops. I installed the program and scanned all my computers and found various malware and spyware Kaspersky failed to notice. The program quietly runs in the background and only alerts you when necessary.

  • Amazon Prime Made Me Do It - So thin that people are surprised it's actually a case... and that's a good thing

    I have to laugh at all the people who are upset that this case is "too thin" and doesn't offer any drop protection. What exactly were you expecting from something that is 0.35mm and advertised as "Ultra-Thin"?? For me, this is exactly what I wanted - something that provided scratch protection on the back of my phone, but was super thin. People are often surprised that I actually have a case on my phone, mistaking it for the regular iPhone back. My only complaint is that, like other people mentioned, the matte black is not as transparent as it shows in the photo. The Apple logo is barely visible on mine, but at the end of the day, not a big deal for me.